The Future: The land of the unknown

April 15, 2015 3:41 pm

As of late, my life has been filled with questions about what my plans for the future are going to involve.

”Are you going to University?” this is a question that myself along with others have been wanting to know this answer to. Before I moved to Australia, going to university or as they call it in Ireland, College (same thing) was a no brainer, if i wanted a job in Ireland a degree was necessary. Since moving to Australia though the importance of a degree in order to be successful has decreased which has led to great confusion as to what direction I want my life to go down on.


Living in Ireland you quickly grasp the ideas of what is necessary to be successful 1)Finish Secondary school (or high school, whatever you want to call it) 2) Get into College/University 3)Graduate From College/University 4) Get a job. As exciting as all of the above may seem *cough, cough* , It can cause an abundance of stress to the adolescent mind as to whether any of the above is necessary in order to achieve greatness. My father being a prime example of this, He didn’t finish secondary school nor attended university. He began an apprenticeship to become a painter and decorator and excelled in the field. He lived in various different places such as London and Frankfurt with the trade. But as time went on he decided to enter a more managerial route and so began the life he still leads today. With his new profession he found himself (along with my mother and I) living in The Netherlands, back to his home in Ireland while the celtic tiger was in full effect and now in Australia. My dad to me is a reminder that even if I don’t do well in school or I don’t decide to go to university, I won’t spend the rest of my life flipping burgers and asking ”Do you want fries with that?”.

Although I have a constant reminder in my life that my world will not come crashing down if I don’t go to university but the question that remains in my head ”Is going to university, going to make my life slightly easier?”. Well I will never truly know the answer to that question.[wzslider autoplay=”true” info=”true” lightbox=”true”]

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