The Essentials Of Project Managing Your House Build

November 22, 2017 7:17 pm

It’s certainly not something to take on lightly. Project managing a house build takes focus, determination, and the ability to learn a lot very quickly. Of course, if you have a dream for a perfect home for you and your family, you’re probably willing to do whatever it takes to make that become a reality. So where do you start? What do you need to do? And just what is a project manager anyway?

Understand your role

The project manager for any project is the person that coordinates everyone else. The art of the role is in making sure every other team member has what they need when they need it. You need to manage their scheduling as well as their productivity. Ultimately, you hold the purse strings. You need to budget, adjust and pay for everything from your funds. If all this sounds like you wear quite a few hats, then you’re right. You’re the leader, but you still need to keep everyone else on the project happy.

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Where to start

Every house build project starts with a plot of land. That land and any buildings on it need to be carefully surveyed and recorded. It is easier to build on or rebuild a property that is already on the land. There is less red tape to worry about, and conversions can often be steeped in interesting history that can make them more valuable. You’ll need a structural engineer and surveyor on site at least in the beginning. You can find out how this works from companies like Allcott Associates. Look for surveyors that can help you with your particular building challenges.

Once you’ve got the lay of the land under your belt, you can instruct an architect to formulate the plans. Beyond the actual design, an architect will also provide plans that should fall within your budget. Always see what you can get for a figure about twenty percent below your actual budget limits. You can always add to the finishing details if there is money left over. A good project manager always has a healthy contingency fund!

Finding the right people for the job

You might be keen to get your hands dirty on your project, but without formal training, there is little you can do safely. Pick contractors that really know their stuff. Speak to their clients and visit their previous projects. Most importantly, make sure you can get on with them personally. It’s going to be a long project so nurture the relationship with your team. You have to be able to fully understand their needs and time requirements. Which contractor goes first? What needs to be completed before the plumber comes in? For advice on when you should bring in a plumber, visit

Scheduling and budgeting

Now you’re into the project, you might constantly be adjusting the schedule and manipulating the budget to keep everyone on track. There might be a few sacrifices to make along the way which will undoubtedly be disappointing. Still, if you keep going, you’ll have a completed house that your family will love. Get it delivered on time and within budget by mastering your project management skills.

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