The Essential Guide To Outsourcing

June 5, 2019 3:15 pm

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Everything from payroll to pension provision and from search engine optimization to social media management can be outsourced. While outsourcing every business function will leave you with very little to do and very little money in your pocket, wise and prudent outsourcing can lead to a more streamlined and profitable business. As an entrepreneur, a whole host of tasks and responsibilities fall at your feet. Being a specialist, there’s no way that you can fulfill all of these duties to a high enough standard. Outsourcing means delegating those tasks that you’d rather not spend your time on to other off site specialists. Take a look at what and how you can outsource effectively.


The admin involved in keeping a small business afloat can become unwieldy very quickly. You need to make sure that documentation and legislation are adhered to and you must ensure that all data is secure. However, when it comes to record keeping, payroll or cloud storage, you can outsource these business functions off site. Admin is a tedious part of entrepreneurship that you could do without. Delegate to others and have your time more free to spend on more pressing aspects of your business vision.


While you could set up your own logistics business or create a transport hub in your warehouse, this can be costly and a waste of effort when there are plenty of specialist B2B and haulage companies out there. These often specialize in logistics such as healthcare freight, perishables or food transportation. Decide on the sort of carrier you need and investigate your options. Building a solid relationship with a local courier or logistics firm can allow you to expand your contacts list, develop a role within a wider business community, and have a go-to contact when you need last minute haulage.


The idea of creating your own website might not be too much to bear if you are a whizz with a drag and drop website builder. However, the idea of keywords, meta tags and search engine optimization might completely throw you. Don’t panic. SEO and website maintenance is one of top things that new entrepreneurs decide to outsource. You can sit down with an IT specialist and formulate a digital strategy that will help you achieve your online goals. Perhaps you want more traffic to your website, or you want more followers on social media or you need help analyzing data trends. An off site team can help you do this. They can also aid you in developing your cybersecurity and be a point of contact for all of your software troubleshooting needs.

Outsourcing was once seen as a bit of a defeatist concept. Relinquishing business functions was seen as a bad thing. It was frowned upon and people used to outsource in secret. Now freelancing is a big business and the online world has opened up a whole host of new outsourcing possibilities. Outsourcing is seen as a vital aspect to your business if you are to continually evolve, streamline, and improve.

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