The Cost Of Dining At Best Restaurants In NYC

February 23, 2016 12:59 pm

New York City itself is a city of indulgence and flair. It is the developing city with bustling street riddled with some of the poshest and expensive dining places. To get a taste of such fine eateries money is the only limit! Steaks which are delivered from Japan, tea which is imported from Darjeeling and truffle which are sprinkled for style, this is the identity of the eateries of New York City.

Let us have a look at some of the expensive eateries of NYC compiled using the date from


A swanky kitchen which makes eating pizza a sophisticated venture. This high-class eatery which is blessed with a chef like Carlo Mirarachi gives a new meaning to the term luxury. You will have an opulent experience watching the chef cook as you are seated in the ultra-comfortable leather chairs. You can feast for $195 and order fancy dishes like veal sweet bread brightened with lime and goat ragu!

Eleven Madison Park

It is the funkier sibling of The Nomad which is owned by Daniel Humm. It has a beautiful décor with charismatic flower arrangement which sets the mood of love. They host uncommon menus at sky-high prices, like carrot tartare along rye bread and poached lobster with escarole and almond for $225! They also serve expensive cocktails and are a must on the luxury list.

Rainbow Room

Every Hollywood star has graced this place which is situated on the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza which overlooks the New York skyline. Such magnificence! It was renewed and reopened in October 2014 and its old glory was restored. It is a dramatic place where you can sit under the bright chandelier and listen to old-time songs and also have the privilege of getting served by Jonathan Wright’s famous lobster pot pie with black truffles for a whooping $175!


Those with an opulent lifestyle and deep pockets make their way to Masa. It is owned by Masa Takayama and serves exquisite sushi! Its price can go up to $450 and that also when you are able to resist the $150 Kobe supplement! It has creations like white truffle, uni pasta and fois gras fried rice!

The Old Homestead Steakhouse

It is a deceptive place and has a variety of food in a variety of ranges. You can end up spending moderate or you can completely burn a big hole in your pocket. Order Oyster Rockefeller and you are good to go, the $29 filet mignon burger and $98 prime porter house steak for two are nothing compared to the 12 ounce Japanese Kobe beef for a whooping $350!(This is not with the truffle mac and cheese as sides)!


You are in for a luxurious serving of Aleppo seed crusted scallops for $220! It is run by Chef Daniel Boulud who serves exquisite types of caviar ranging from the $210 Pounty Snout White Sturgeon to $470 Golden Ossetra. They also serve you awesome cocktails.

Brooklyn Fare

While you can shop for olives and multigrain bread at Brooklyn Fare, the real deal is to sit on one of the 18 seats around the curvy counter near the Chefs table. The menu prices start from $255 and chef Cesar Ramirez makes it a point to add quirky side dishes like sardines on top of potato chips and lobster with veal and is fois gras.

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