The Business Evolution of OCR Technology

July 31, 2017 7:15 pm

Since its creation in the mid-nineties, OCR technology has revolutionised business systems all around the globe. OCR allows a business to eliminate the paper document processes that businesses currently use and update them with a totally digital solution.

OCR scans incoming documents, discerning the background from the data by reading the document and categorising it in your company’s database. OCR can read different languages and symbols, as well as any font, colours or type-size. The system can then change this data to meet your format requirements before it is added to the database and employees notified of its delivery.

If you are using outdated paper systems in your business then you can benefit greatly from incorporating OCR technology into your current systems. OCR makes document management effortless, combining PDF technology with the power of OCR to esign documents online and send them to your clients.

OCR technology is able to identify images, charts, and other visual aids. Poor quality photos can be cleaned up automatically before being transferred to the final document. OCR has no loss of data in conversion and transfer, ensuring the original integrity of the document.

Are there piles of paper lying around your office? If you were asked to find a specific file, would you be able to do it? Or would you take five minutes to sift through your pile of paperwork in order to find the relevant document? If this is an average day at the office for you, then you need the power of an OCR is your company.

OCR technology allows businesses to join the paperless revolution, there is no longer any need for filing rooms and filing clerks, every paper document can be replicated on the OCR system, while still preserving and enhancing the original contents of the document.

The benefits of OCR for your business include;

  • Phase out physical record storage and manual data entry.
  • Reduce company costs related to paper procedures and data capture.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Improve customer service levels, with client files available on-demand.
  • Increase data accuracy and security.
  • Your OCR solution will grow with your business.

Will your business benefit from these advantages? OCR will completely change the way your company operates and does business. Here are further examples of how implementing OCR can streamline your business systems and help your company run efficiently.

Your Documents in the Cloud

By now, you must have heard of the cloud. The cloud is the single biggest revolution in data storage ever created. Companies no longer need filing systems and paper records. Administration, accounts payable and other paper-related tasks in your company no longer need to be physically printed and stored. All you need to do is log on to your system and you have easy, indexed, access to all of your records, categorized and updated with the latest information related to the document or project.

The cloud allows you to securely store your records while keeping them on hand anywhere you may be. The cloud can be accessed by mobile devices, making it a digital filing room that can be accessed anywhere in the world through a secure connection.

OCR and Automatic Forms

Go paperless with OCR. Automatically complete forms online, issue and receive invoices and statements. As the forms are completed, the OCR will automatically categorize and file the documents, while alerting relevant team members of the update. Save on production time and free the time of your employees to let them complete other tasks to grow your business.

Automate your Mailroom Processes

Does your company have a mailroom? OCR technology can be used in this department to scan incoming faxes and emails and categorize them before delivering them to the relevant department. OCR can manage the needs of the largest mailrooms and adds to the efficiency of the department, reducing the need for physical employees and reducing costs while improving the department’s function.

In Conclusion

OCR technology belongs in every business, no matter the size. From small finance and legal firms to the largest corporations, OCR will reduce your overheads, improve employee productivity and increase customer service levels. With so many advantages for your business, it just makes sense to implement it in your business. Reach out to a reputable OCR consultant today and arrange a consultation to see how OCR can change the way you do business.

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