The Beth Morris EP

June 2, 2014 3:56 pm

Beth Morris MusicWhilst browsing through the selection on offer for the Music projects on Kickstarter one in particular caught my eye. A simple picture of the girl who was making the EP and the title “Beth Morris ‘Homegrown’ EP Release” is all we can see among the hundreds that use fancy graphics or a provocative picture in order to gain interest, albeit from horny teens rather than the actual audience. However, despite it blending in perfectly, I still found myself very curious of this girl and her work. Beth is quite different from other musicians on Kickstarter, as the majority of these people will ask for ridiculous amounts of money so they can efficiently fund their work, some being in excess of £10,000. Beth, however, only needed £150, a small amount for easily one of the best albums so far of 2014. The rewards were also fairly priced as she again, unlike so many others, didn’t ask for £50 for a shirt with a pretty picture on it. Anyway, back to the EP, as I previously stated this is easily one of the best albums from the year. Beth uses an interesting style of, as she calls it, “Raw, soulful, and a non-pigeonholeable”  which is exactly what the EP delivers on. Whilst it only boasts five songs, each will leave a lasting impression on you for the variation in her musical abilities as both a performer and a writer. One song, ‘Easy A’, showing the traits above the most as the slow guitar strum start sets the tone for the rest of the piece, that being a masterpiece in emotion and soul, as Beth’s voice make you listen to all the words she is saying and with a backing vocal adding an extra layer to the piece. All the other 4 songs on the EP are all different in some ways but all being brilliant and full of genius in their own rights. However, despite all these, there is still one large overarching issue with the EP and that is it’s too bloody short! I encourage everyone who happens to read this to at least listen to one of Beth’s amazing pieces and I encourage you even further to purchase it as it’s well worth the money if you wish to take music back to the basics of a girl, a guitar and a mic.

Beth’s YouTube:

Purchase the EP:

It’s only £4, cheaper than a lunch deal as she herself says.

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