The Bad Driver

May 9, 2013 11:46 am

The driver who fails to indicate when turning, causing me to wonder for those first few seconds why they are slowing down on a clear road. Is there an obstacle ahead? Is a duck crossing the road with its babies in tow? Is there a herd of invisible sheep blocking the way? No, nothing is blocking the road just an absence of the highway code, consideration for the driver behind or the cyclist coming up the inside.

bad driverThe driver who insists on sticking close to my rear end. Are you admiring my rear lights? The delicate artistry of my rear number plate? No, just an impatience in your mind that negates any thought or risk should I feel the need to brake for a pedestrian or an accident up ahead.

The driver who speeds through a school zone ignoring the lowered speed limit. This person obviously doesn’t have children or that section of brain that worries for the safety of others. Because if they did they would slow down and be watchful for children whose naivety leaves them immune to metal machines in the road and with a belief that children don’t die. Because in the fairy tales they don’t. There is always somebody there to kill the bad monster and save the day.

The driver who overtakes on a 30mph road when I am clearly driving at the required speed. Your intimidation techniques will not make foot press harder on the acceleration. Anger and frustration are not capable of telekinesis, don’t you read comics or watch the movies?

The ambulance chaser who believes that travelling in the slip stream of someone else’s tragedy will get them to their destination faster. Whilst the life of an innocent ticks away to ease your journey home, to work, for dinner I hope your conscience spares a thought to where those extra seconds came from. Who donated them? Did they survive?

Whilst all of these things annoy me to the point of shouting and cursing I don’t give in to the temptation of becoming as bad as you. Yes speed cameras are a pain in the butt. But they are there for people like you.

Swallow your frustration and get over it.

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