Television vs Projector

December 11, 2013 3:18 pm

These days every television-loving human, which in the UK is the vast majority of the population, seeks to earn themselves an increasingly better quality TV as the years go by. But just as important as the quality of the screen, is the size. As little as 20 years ago your average television screen was no more than about a foot squared. Now-a-days they range to 40 inches and beyond. Size is everything and why not?

Ultimately all we want is to get closer and closer to the experience we have at the cinema. The all consuming scenario where for a couple of hours we are completely absorbed by a film with surround sound blasting about us enabling us to forget about almost everything else in our lives and be drawn into the story we are watching. It is, then, no surprise that televisions are gradually getting larger and larger as time goes by. But there is a down side to these upgraded televisions. The larger and more flashy the box (or more accurately flatscreen these days) we buy, the more the price seems to soar upwards. There are plenty of people spending upwards of £600 or even £1000 on their home entertainment system which, arguably, is slightly crazy.

projectorThere is a simple solution to this. Instead of buying an overly expensive screen which takes up half the space in your room, buy a projector. All you need is a wall and a dark room and you can have a screen much larger than any television short of a home cinema. The best bit is that this can be done for a fraction of the price that the televisions are costing. For an example of pricing take a look at projectors at projectorshop24. You can hook your projector up to whatever it is you are wanting to play from, whether it is sky, a dvd or streaming something online.

Yes, it is a little bit of an effort to have to close the curtains but aside from that, you are saving a tonne of money and ultimately receiving a much better experience and a much closer experience to the coveted cinema escapade.

Next time you think about buying a flashy TV, try checking out projectors and giving them a chance before you blow a months wages on an inferior product!


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