Summer is here. How do we know? Just look at what they’re wearing…

March 15, 2012 7:15 pm

A typical Brit in a typical British summer

Nowadays, you don’t even need to check the weather forecast or actually feel the sun on your face to know that there’s been a change in the weather. All you have to do is look at what the British public are wearing, and you’re set.

As soon as the rainclouds part for more than ten minutes and the sun has chance to dry up some of the puddles, off come the thick winter coats with their fur hoods and out come the denim shorts and sleeveless shirts. Girls no longer feel the need to wear tights, guys don’t feel the need to wear jumpers, the sunglasses come out, the flip flops come on and it’s official: summer is here.

It’s quite funny to watch as a spectator, this evolution of clothing. Even though it’s the middle of March and every other day is pouring with rain or blowing a cold breeze, once the first day of sun has arrived, there is no going back. Apparently, once you have put on your miniskirt and sandals and hung up your mac by the door, that’s it. Summer is here and there’s nothing any amount of rain, snow, hail, sleet or gales can do to revert the year back into winter. It’s also quite interesting to note that there is apparently a lack of spring and autumn seasons. I’m not sure the young generations, and especially the student population, are even aware that there are more than two seasons in the year because, judging by their choices of attire, it goes: summer-winter-summer-winter, and they are bewildered by the fact that they are quite chilly sometimes in October. Weird.

However, this odd and cool day is not a waste. It leaves a perfect space to spend your hard earned cash on a summer holiday to somewhere hot and exotic. Ignoring the wind blowing outside and trying not to look at your scarf, you sit in front of the laptop donned in cropped trousers, strappy top, huge hat, sunglasses and painting your toenails as you click ‘confirm’ on Barcelona, here you come: somewhere you can actually get away with wearing the skirt-hat-sunglasses ensemble without being given funny looks down the street.

I am by no means trash-talking the people who encourage summer through the door as soon as there’s an increase in the temperature as I, too, am guilty of the same thing. But can we be blamed? Surrounded by European countries with their long, hot, summer days starting in April and ending in October, is it any wonder we want to make the most out of any sunshine that comes our way? Of course not. It is, however, a little bit presumptuous, pretentious and pathetic to swan around in Ray Ban sunglasses, wedge heels and a top that reads “Fun in the sun” whilst trying to cling onto your inside-out umbrella and avoid the rainwater collecting on the pavement as you walk through town.

Just, give it time, boys and girls. Summer will arrive.

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