Style Rules That Every Business Owner Should Live By

August 28, 2018 4:22 pm

In business, first impressions matter – that’s a fact that there is no getting away from. That’s why, if you’re someone who is desperate to make the best impression possible on potential customers and business contacts alike, you need to know how to dress to impress. You need to dress in both a smart and stylish way, finding the perfect balance between smart and smart casual.

A lot of people in business, particuarly men, have one go-to look that is their default way to dress for any occasion. While it’s all well and good having one go-to look, it’s vital that you know how to ensure that you always remain on trend and improve your look as you go. Bearing that in mind, it’s important that you know what it takes to remain stylish and on trend. The answer to this is simple: living by a set of well thought out style rules, such as those listed below.

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Invest in a capsule wardrobe

Capsul wardrobes work well for anyone and everyone, with the amazing thing about them being that they allow you to create a wide range of different looks with just a few key pieces – whether you’re male or female this makes life fair simpler and more striaghtforward. When it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe, the key to success is quality over quantity – this is because it’s far better to invest in a small number of high-quality pieces rather than lots of low-quality pieces that won’t last.

As a male business owner, a tailored suit is essential, as is a selection of three smart shirts to go with it. You would be surprised by the great prices you can find online for these things, such as on sites like John Henric UK, where there are various well-designed  shirts and ties to choose from at affordable prices.

For female business owners, a selection of three to five tailored dresses and two to three smart blazers is ideal. Combine these with a selection of shoe styles, bags and scarfs and you have the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Steer clear of basic shoes

While basic, simple shoe designed might come cheap, they’re also dull and boring. Instead of purchasing basic shoe designs, opt to buy shoes with a little more style to them. The fact is that the shoes you choose to wear, whether you’re a male or female business owner, will impact the look of your entire outfit, so it’s vital that you ensure that you pick a show style that makes an impact.

Don’t forget a watch

There’s nothing more unprofessional than being in the middle of a meeting and having to check your phone for the time. Checking a watch is perfectly fine, but checking a phone screams ‘unprofessional’. That’s why every business owner should wear a watch and make it part of their sense of style. There’s something about wearing a watch that gives any look that extra sense of elegance and style. So, if you don’t already have a smart, stylish watch, now is the time to invest in one, to help bring your outfit to the next level.

There you have it, a list of the style rules that every person should live by as a business owner. Take note of the above advice, and you can ensure that you are always smart and stylishly dressed, allowing you to make that amazing first impression.

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