Staying Safe At Work

June 8, 2019 12:28 pm


When we start a new job or launch our own company, there are a huge myriad of things that we will be thinking about every day to make things work in the best way that they can for our venture.

However something which isn’t thought about enough for us as we start working on our career is safety. Health and safety is one of those things we don’t think of every single day unless we are in a high risk environment and we often only think it through when we are asked to watch the obligatory video once a year.

However health and safety and security in the workplace is something we need to think about every single day and these are some of the factors you need to be aware of.

Lock your computer

If you work in an office environment you will know that it is not as risky a place as most others however it is also somewhere which has its own specific issues. Computer security is one of the main concerns in the workplace of an office and you need to be sure that when you leave your desk you won’t be subject to someone else looking through your things. It is incredibly important as a business to lock your computer and make sure that the password is difficult to guess.

Keep your things close by

Wherever you work, it is important for you to keep your valuables close at all times or lock them up in a locker. We all want to be able to trust or colleagues however it is a sad fact that we will never know their true intentions. Make sure that you are always safe and secure by locking down your things so that you don’t fall victim to anything later.

Use ID

When entering and leaving an office building it is a great idea for you to use an ID card or fob. ID or iam services will allow you to verify your identity to the workplace and it will ensure that no one else is able to enter the building unannounced. Make sure to always be cautious in the way you approach your building security and it is better to have 10 locks than 1.

Understand the risks

There are different risks that you will face depending on the type of environment you work in and these risks are something you need to be very aware of. For example if we look at something such as an office there are two major risks: computer security and electrical fires. Therefore you will need to take measures to prevent both of these risks.

Similarly in a place such as a construction site the risks will be inhaling fumes and heavy items falling from above. This is why it is important to wear a gas mask and a hard hat.

You can tailor your safety to the situation as long as you think about what the risks will be.

Reduce stress

Stress is a dangerous thing to deal with and it can lead to anxiety, depression and a host of other issues. If you are always stressed out at work this will be having a real impact on your health and it is crucial that you take measures to reduce the stress as soon as you can. Stress is something no one likes to deal with and it is dangerous for us.

Take regular breaks

No matter what type of job you work in, you have to be prepared to take a break at least every few hours to stretch and to get some air. We need regular breaks in our working day because if we don’t, we can burn out. When in an office this can mean mistakes on emails and issues concentrating on tasks: and in a more manual job it could be slipping with a machine and struggling to cope. Taking a 5-10 minute break now and again is important and it will allow you to rest and recoup.

Avoid stooping or twisting

Try your best when lifting boxes or anything else in the office to bend at the knee and lift from a safe point. When we bend at the hip and lift something heavy this can strain the muscles in our back and this can in turn cause us real issues. Make sure that you always take the time to think things through and be safe when lifting things up from the ground.

Use mechanical aids

If you know that a task is a little difficult to handle on your own, there is no reason why you should do it yourself. Make sure that you are smart with your body and always use mechanical aids where possible to make sure that you can work in a more efficient and safe way.

Protect your back

Your back will be a big issue if you work in an office environment and sitting on an unsupportive chair all day every day can have a knock on effect on your health. Make sure that you take steps to protect your back such as a cushion behind you or a better chair in the first place. These things will make a hell of a lot of difference and it will allow you to work comfortably all day every day.

Wear protective equipment

Whether you work in a construction site, with food or in the great outdoors: there will always be times when you need to wear protective equipment to stay safe. Be sure that you always wear the best equipment to protect you from different things and this will have a big impact on you overall.

Stay sober

This should go without saying, but make sure to stay sober at work. It is dangerous to lose your senses and this is where mistakes can often be made which can have a real effect on you as well as all of the other people who work around you every day.

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