Stay at a Boutique Hotel for a Memorable Holiday

November 28, 2014 7:00 pm

Since the onset of the 21st century, the hotel industry has become oversupplied with big monopolies of branded luxury hotels. It was only in the 1980s that the concept of cosy, boutique hotels came into being. The very first cities to see such hotel concepts were San Francisco, London and New York, says While such accommodation is neither as spacious nor as over-the-top as their luxury counterparts, they can be trusted to offer the latest amenities for their guests. Central London boutique hotels are usually cosy, comfortable and very unlike to the homogeneity of large hotels. This is why they are also called lifestyle or design hotels and usually have anywhere from 10 to about 100 rooms. Such places distinguish themselves with their unique décor theme, architecture and prompt services. Here’s a look at the reasons why many prefer to stay at these small yet luxury establishments rather than their 4 and 5 star counterparts.

Intimate in Size yet High on Luxury

Traditionally, such an establishment is small in size and with a lower availability of rooms. For a hotel to fall into this category, it must have at least 10 rooms and less than a hundred rooms. Places with lower than 10 rooms for guests are either called inns or bed and breakfasts. The intimate size of a boutique establishment has a heady ambience and enveloping atmosphere, along with several in-suite luxury amenities for guests. Such places are complete with all the necessary facilities as well as some key luxury facilities for guests. If you are looking for a London boutique hotel, Eccleston Square Hotel is London’s most High Tech hotel and is a proud member of Design Hotels. It provides comfortable and affordable accommodation, with easy access to the rest of the city. This Central London boutique hotel near Hyde Park & Sloane Square and Chelsea offers the entire range of amenities, including flat screens, parking, free Wi-Fi, coffee/tea makers, and a lot more.


Prime Location

Such places are generally located in the heart of a city, which compliments their vibrant ambiance. Since they are easy on your pocket, these cutting-edge lodgings are especially popular with foreign tourists travelling to London. Tourists can look for Boutique hotels near Hyde Park & Sloane Square and Chelsea for accommodation that will keep them connected to the entire city via train, tube, cab or bus. The availability of easy transport is the prime reason why such an establishment chooses a prime location.

Designer Décor with Ultra-Personal Services

Most of the time, such a place has individualistic clientele, one of a kind services, and is often visited by handsome and happening crowds. As a result, this place is made up of stark palettes and sleek material with splashes of bold colour. It often tries to convey a strong sense of identity that reflects the history or heritage of its location. Also, due to the small size of such hotels, there are exceptional and friendly services. Most such places focus heavily on providing guests with the best quality food and beverages too.

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