Spending your London Holiday in Kensington

December 18, 2014 1:42 pm

Situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in Central London, the district of Kensington sees healthy foot fall of tourists every year due to its convenient travelling options and up street attractions. This busy commercial centre is full of shops that are typically upmarket and offer a wide range of products to customers. According to Wikipedia.org, Kensington High Street had been declared the second best street for shopping in London in February 2005, but since October 2008 the Westfield Shopping Centre in North Hammersmith is giving it steady competition. Due to the popularity of shopping at High Street and a list of attractions, such as Kensington Palace and Gardens, it is natural that extra focus is given to convenient travelling and accommodation options in this urban and up street area. Little wonder then that there are a number of cheap & budget hotels in Kensington to choose from, offering a comfortable stay at the most reasonable rates. Public transportation options are aplenty too, with the extension of bus services on Route 9, all the way to the High Street area. If you are planning a vacation to London, a good idea is to stay in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, since it is centrally located and has great accommodation and transportation facilities for tourists.


Staying in Kensington

You are sure to have a great time during your London holiday if you decide to stay at one of the hotels in Kensington, such as Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel, which offers spacious and comfortable accommodation at the most competitive prices. Such a hotel will also offer you several ensuite facilities, along with 24 hour assistance by their staff. South Kensington is in close proximity to the tube station, allowing you easy travel to various areas of London for both business and leisure activities. Moreover, since this district is among the most densely populated areas in London, it is complete with a number of high rise buildings, residential homes and neighbourhoods, and mid rise Victorian and Georgian flats and hotels for better tourist accommodation. From art, shopping, music, all the way to scenic gardens, by staying at the hotels in Kensington, you are surely going to have a great London holiday.

Travelling in Kensington

Travelling routes have been designed to assist tourists and locals to travel safer and faster. If you are travelling by the London Underground, the High Street Kensington station is the place you need to de-board to reach this district. From this station, you can conveniently board the Underground to various places in London since, it shares interchangeable stations with all of the city’s major train and tube links. If you prefer travelling in the open on the city buses, there are several bus routes to Bayswater Road and Kensington High Street, such as routes 70, 94, 148 and 9, 10, 49, respectively. If you are flying in to London, all major airports have convenient connectivity to this district, including Stansted, Gatwick, Luton and Heathrow airports. Due to such convenient and quick travelling options around the city, it is wise to book hotels near Kensington Palace, such as Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel.

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