Social Media Makes it Impossible For Us to Get Over an Ex

May 22, 2013 9:51 am


Long gone are the days when you could make a clean break from your dog of an ex and you would never see or hear their name (which is now a swear word) again.

We could screw up the memories and toss them into the bin but unfortunately your ex will permanently have an online presence in your life whether we like it or not.

They would be erased from your life, making it much easier for you to forget, (maybe forgive) and move on with your pride in hand.

Since the take off of high-flying social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, we are bombarded with undeletable romantic history and cute photographs.

We all have smart phones , tablets , iPads and  iPhones. With the increase of technology, social media sites are more handy than ever, great in many ways- but bad for a break-up.

Sure, you can easily delete someone, but then its obvious you will go into undercover stalker mode snooping at them on a friends account, checking their picture likes and relationship status.Social_Media_Relationships9

There’s nothing worse than seeing that your ex has just made friends with the girl/guy you always thought they fancied and they keep posting ‘<3’ on their wall or having your friend say ‘Look at all them pics, didn’t take long for them to move on!

The only way out of the heartache is to delete or deactivate your account until you feel that your totally over it and ready to move on. But until then, stop refreshing your Facebook feed and put that phone down. After all, there’s nothing worse than a Facebook stalker.

Think twice before broadcasting your happy go lucky relationships online, because when the luck runs out, your lover will always be in your digital space.

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