Social media endorsements: Celebrities vs influencers

June 7, 2018 6:55 pm

We’re all addicted to our phones – and most of what we’re scrolling is social media. That means that the day of the billboard advertisement has passed, and advertising has moved wholesale onto digital platforms.

For brands, reaching their audience through social media has become critical – and cost-effective. Digital marketing can include things like paid for social media advertising and banner adverts on websites, but one of the most interesting new platforms to emerge is influencer content.

What is influencer advertising and how does it work?

Many people, whether celebrities or otherwise, have amassed a following of hundreds of thousands of people on channels like Instagram and Snapchat which are ideal visual platforms for advertising. Celebrities often amass followers just because of who they are, while other influencers will often have a blog or YouTube channel and have a carefully curated feed that matches their followers’ interests.

Influencers with a smaller number of followers often exchange goods or experiences for exposure. A tourist office might offer a travel blogger a luxury trip, in return for exposure on their blog and social media channels. For the biggest influencers, though, the partnership is usually financial. In exchange for a sum of money, influencers can promote a message on behalf of a brand, promoting its goods or services.

Influencer advertising vs celebrity influencer advertising

Choosing the right influencer to endorse your offering is important, so is a celebrity influencer a better bet than a social media influencer? They may have similar followings, but a celebrity will always win out over a social media influencer when it comes to broad appeal and recognisability.

That said, there are also risks to engaging a celebrity influencer to promote your product. More so than other influencers, a high-profile celebrity could become involved in negative publicity. Professional influencers and content creators are professionals, with lots of experience creating content for brands, and they might be more successful at making an ad campaign fit with their organic content.

Is hiring an influencer right for your brand?

Depending on your brand and the product that you’re selling, influencers and celebrity influencers could be a great way to reach a new and different audience. Some brands are better suited to promotions with influencers than others; for instance, products and services with a strong visual are sure to work better. Social media remains an area with a predominantly younger audience, so if your brand deals in products and services aimed at a market over 50, for example, more traditional advertising solutions might be better suited.

What does often work well on Instagram, Snapchat and similar platforms are ad campaigns with a lifestyle element; holidays, homewares, clothes and beauty are all areas which perform well on visual influencer platforms.

How to hire an influencer

If you’re interested in hiring an influencer to bring a new dimension to your next ad campaign, you’re in the right place. Here at MN2S, we’re an international talent booking agency, so whether you’re looking for a professional influencer or a celebrity with a large social media following for an ad campaign, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with our friendly agents today.

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