Sleeping With Dreams (Part Two)

July 1, 2013 1:00 pm

Like everyone else, I’m a dreamer. Bearing this in mind, I have separated the interpretation of dreams and nightmares. Dreams are a representation of what we expect to get out of life. As for nightmares, they signify one’s fears. Labeling one’s good and bad dreams as dreams and nightmares, is known as semantics.  Usually unresolved dreams can also be identified as nightmares. The Dream Show host and analyst validates my theory to a certain point. However, it’s always important to state this theory is dependent on one’s state of mind. She says;  “You say you believe dreams are what we expect to get from life. I think that’s an excellent description for all dreams – nightmares included – as long as you’re also referring to your unconscious expectations of life (built on your unconscious beliefs). We can look at our dreams as blueprints of our future, since our unconscious beliefs (and expectations) are much stronger than our conscious beliefs in determining how we respond in life (what we make happen). Understanding a dream empowers you to make changes in that blueprint using dream alchemy techniques.”

dreamsWith dreams being as mystical as they are, they are inspirational too. When we dream, it feels as if we’re conscious the whole time; but in fact this feeling of one’s experience, the individual chooses to tune into the reality that’s happening. If we were to generalize this, we could say dreams help to gain an insight into your unconscious mindset. “The opportunity to gain insight into your unconscious mindset, to see how it’s influencing the way you experience and respond to life, and to change it (using dream alchemy techniques) to transform your experience of life in wonderfully positive and meaningful ways.” Anderson says.

For those of you wondering if the thoughts we encounter before going to bed impact our dreams. The short answer is yes! Your unconscious mind predicts and paints a world either one day we wish to be a part of, or keep our distance from.

The Dream Show host says; “Our dreams process our conscious and unconscious experiences of the last 24-48 hours, and tend to address either the most conflicting or the most transformed (a breakthrough), or the most unresolved. So if the thoughts you have on your mind before sleep fall into any of those categories (and they’re likely to), they will be prominently addressed in the dreams.”

Well, it looks like my bedtime story ends here! Sleep tight; don’t let the bedbugs bite. Remember to follow your dreams!

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