Simple Ways To Improve Employee Health

November 22, 2017 7:20 pm

Keeping your employees healthy is one of the most important concerns for any boss. It’s something that is often underestimated but it has a far reaching impact on your company. Productivity will suffer and you can even lose some of the most valuable staff in your business if they get seriously ill. Obviously, you can’t have control over your employees lifestyle and if they’re doing things that affect their health at home, there isn’t much you can do. What you can do though is make sure that while they’re in the office they aren’t doing themselves more harm.


Healthy Eating Options

When people are in the office they’re prone to snacking all the time and if the snacks that are on offer are all chocolate and crisps, they’re not doing themselves any favours. You can’t control what they bring with them but you can take all of the other healthy snacks out of the office and replace them with healthier options. If you’ve got a canteen on site, make sure you’re only serving good stuff there as well. These changes during the day will hopefully inspire them to continue eating well at home and improve their overall health.

Cut Out Smoking Breaks

Smoking is a huge health risk but did you know that it’s costing you money if your employees do it? All of those five minute breaks add up to a lot of wasted time. They’re also way more likely to get sick if they’re smokers. You can sort all of that by eradicating smoke breaks. When people start learning to go a full day without smoking, they’ll realize that they can do it and they’re more likely to give up. It’s also a good idea to allow people to use vape products from places like instead. These are the best way to stop smoking so encouraging your employees to switch over to them is a win win situation for everybody.

Offer Private Health Care  

Private health care is expensive and not a lot of employers can afford to offer it, but if you can, you should. Not only does it ensure that any sick employees get better quicker and return to work. Having regular check ups also helps to prevent any illnesses. It also helps you to attract better employees. When the top employees are deciding between jobs, a private health care plan could be the clincher.

Support Exercise

Trying to fit in exercise around a busy working day is difficult and it’s the main reason that most of us don’t work out as much as we should do. If you try to make things a little easier for your employees you’ll notice a marked improvement. Regular exercise improves brain function and energy levels which has a positive effect on work. Consider building an on site gym or exercise area so employees can work out in the mornings, during lunch, or after work. Visit for some tips on creating a great gym in the office.  

Making these simple changes in the workplace and you’ll see a marked improvement in your employee’s health and they’ll work more effectively for it.

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