Shopping in London during Christmas Week

December 13, 2014 7:14 pm


Planning to visit London during Christmas? This festive season, the streets are sure to be filled with lights and positive energy of people looking for things to decorate their house. While most of the people during the times of holidays love to snuggle under a warm blanket and look for gits on trusted sites like, the joy of being out and looking for things before another person takes it has its own fun. This is a time when locals and tourists alike forget their differences and indulge in activities that they love. Since Christmas involves giving and receiving gifts, tourists travelling to London are in for a great time because there are a number of unique shopping streets, offering offbeat and unique Christmas gifts for customers. And while in the city, consider staying at a budget & cheap hotel near Central London or hotels near Kings Cross station so that you have access to easy transit options around the city via tube, cab or bus. With varied transport options, you can easily visit the many attractions of London during Christmas and shop till you drop at the various Christmas markets across the city. According to, the city is filled with bustling Christmas areas for everything from budget to high end shopping on a grand scale. Let us take a look at the popular budget and high end shopping areas in London that are great places for Christmas gift shopping.

Luxury Shopping in London

If you aren’t concerned about your budget and are looking for a top of the line Christmas gift for someone special, Central London and the neighbouring areas are sure to delight you. You can get a unique taste of luxury at The Royal Gem, which is literally a true gem for luxury shopping this holiday season. With various options of the world’s finest jewellery, brands such as Boodles and Bvlgari and Theo Fennell, this place draws top city clientele to enjoy the grandeur of Christmas. Another such place is London Silver Vaults, which is known for its unique gift items, including champagne flutes, silver clocks and barometers, silver interior decorations for the home and glamorous jewellery dating from the fifties to the modern day. A great idea if you wish to make the most of your trip to London is to look for hotels in Kings Cross in Central London, such as Comfort Inn Kings Cross St Pancras London, and enjoy the best in comfort at affordable prices.

Budget Festive Shopping Areas

Along with an abundance of themed Christmas markets to get you into the Christmas spirit, these markets offer products without burning a hole in your pocket. Camden Market attracts thousands of shoppers with its affordable shopping options, such as high quality and budget clothing in its Buck Street market; household products, furniture and clothes in Stable market and many other offbeat Christmas presents. The best idea is to save on your accommodation and meals and use the money for some extra shopping. This is why many choose to stay at cheap and budget hotels near Camden market, such as Comfort Inn Kings Cross St Pancras London, which are not only in close proximity to popular festive shopping areas around the city but offer a comfortable stay at competitive rates.

Other great affordable shopping areas include cheap side, which sits in the heart of London and is the oldest festive shopping market. There are several other options close by, including One New Change and Leaden Hall Market. Most of these places are complete with a wide option of eating joints, right from junk food to luxury three course meals.

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