Sexual Drugs

August 22, 2019 5:24 pm

Undoubtedly, sex is as old as the human race itself. Not only is it how we reproduce, people also use sex to connect with one another on a more intimate level and, often, we engage in sex just to have fun! Although the rates of sexual activity change throughout time and across cultures, it can be argued that society is more sexually active in modern times than it has ever been. Not only do people tend to have more sexual partners than they did 30 years ago, many people are having their first sexual experience at younger ages too. Corresponding to the increase of sexual activity, there has also been a significant rise in the consequences of sex such as STDs and unplanned pregnancies. In particular, the frequency of teenage pregnancies has greatly increased within the last decade as well. As a result of this, sex ed and knowing how to keep oneself healthy in modern sexual situations has become more crucial than ever. 

Another aspect of sex in modern society is the inclusion of drugs to improve sexual performance and enhance sexual pleasure. Some of the drugs that are used in relation to sexual activity, such as alcohol and Viagra, are legal to use and easy to obtain. Other drugs, such as Ecstasy and Poppers, are often illegal or restricted but are accessible in places connected to sex such as nightclubs and adult stores. Primarily, the rise in “sex drugs” is related to the increase in overall drug use within the last two decades. Interestingly enough, the increased combination of sex and drugs can be seen throughout the media through movies and tv shows. Even the well-known saying, “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”, reflects how common it has become to associate the one with the other.

Similar to how knowing about contraception, STDs, and pregnancy is important for your sexual health, it’s also important to know about common sex drugs and how they can affect you. If misused, many of these drugs can ruin your night or can be dangerous, even fatal, to the user. By knowing what drugs are often used for sex as well as how and why they affect the user, you can keep yourself healthy and sexually active. There are five drugs that are used most in relation to sex: alcohol, cannabis, ecstasy, poppers, and Viagra. Each type of drug has its own side effects and side effects for the user. 


Alcohol is a depressant type of drug that can cause feelings of elation and reduce inhibitions, which can cause someone to be more prone to having sex. In small amounts, alcohol can be used to increase one’s libido. In larger amounts, however, alcohol can actually have negative effects on one’s physical functions and can decrease one’s ability to perform sexually. Alcohol can also increase people’s confidence and their desire to socialize with others temporarily, so some people use alcohol to help them approach people for sex. However, drinking too much alcohol can result in a number of adverse side effects such as extreme impairment of judgement, memory loss, loss of fine motor control, nausea, alcohol poisoning, and possibly even death. As such, using alcohol during sex can cause one to take sexual risks, or to do things sexually that you won’t remember, that could have negative results later on down the line. Along with this, alcohol is easy to become addicted to, so should be used in moderation and with caution.


Cannabis, often known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug that primarily effects the user by producing feelings of euphoria and relaxation. In addition, cannabis can cause an increase in the perception of pleasurable sensation and a decrease in the perception of painful sensation. As a result, many people use cannabis to enhance sexual pleasure and decrease pain during intercourse. Many people also use cannabis to help them relax during sex, produce more intense orgasms, and reduce feeling of fear or anxiety. However, cannabis has been known to cause orgasm delay and a decrease in perm count in men. In some cases, cannabis has also been known to cause erectile dysfunction. 


Ecstasy is a type of psychoactive drug that increases a user’s energy, empathy, and pleasure when ingested. Ecstasy can also produce altered perceptions of physical sensation, sight, and sound. Due to this, people sometimes use ecstasy to increase sexual pleasure. People have also used ecstasy to increase their sex-drive and the sense of intimacy that they feel during sex. However, ecstasy has a variety of side effects ranging from nausea to anxiety and depression. In relation to sexual activity, ecstasy can cause sexual risk taking, and can increase the potential of contracting STDs. Along with this, ecstasy can produce dangerous or fatal side effects when taken with other drugs, so it’s really not a good idea to take ecstasy if you’ve already taken something else.


Poppers are a type of inhalant derived from alkyl nitrates and can come in different forms, such as Liquid Gold Poppers and extreme power poppers . Poppers primarily affect the body through dilating the blood vessels, which can cause feelings of euphoria, excitement, and warmth which can make a person more open to wanting to have sex. Along with this, Poppers also cause the smooth muscles throughout the body to relax, which includes the muscles in the throat, vagina, and anus. As a result, people often use Poppers to make sex more pleasurable and to make it easier to perform various sexual acts. Although Poppers are relatively benign, they can cause side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and skin irritation. In addition, Poppers should never be taken with other drugs as this could produce dangerous or even fatal side effects. 


Viagra, scientifically known as Sildenafil, is a legal synthetic drug designed to treat erectile dysfunction by encouraging blood flow within the penis. More commonly, men take Viagra to increase their sexual performance and enhance sexual pleasure. Viagra can also be used by women to enhance sexual pleasure as it causes increased blood flow to their vagina. Along with enhancing sex, Viagra can be used as an aphrodisiac to increase one’s sex drive. Although Viagra should have no long-lasting effects, it can cause over stimulation and pain in the reproductive organs which would require a trip to the hospital to fix. Viagra should also never be taken with other drugs, as this can produce dangerous or deadly side effects. 

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Knowing about the most common sex drugs, how to use them, and how they affect you will give you more power to use them to your benefit. So stay safe and have fun!

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