Save yourself a few Euros with these brilliant tips for visiting Brussels

July 31, 2019 10:17 am

There are a hundred reasons to head to Brussels, from the rich history, to the vibrant festival scene, and of course the beer for which Belgium is famous. Whatever you choose to see in the city, it can never hurt to save a few Euros. We’ve put a few of our favourite tips together so you can explore the Belgian capital without breaking the bank.

Free tours of the European Parliament

If you are interested in the recent history of Europe and Brussels, then why not save on museum entry fees and go to the living heart of European political life. The European Parliament is an incredible building in the Leopold Quarter, and it is possible to have a guided tour in any one of 24 European languages. Best of all, this chance to see history from the other side, understanding the history of Europe and the city from the present, is completely free! It is even possible to use interactive tools to meet your MEP and find out their role and tasks.

Save at both arrival and destination airports

While Brussels airport isn’t as crowded as Amsterdam or Paris, getting yourself through the airport, and from the airport to the city can still present a challenge for a tired traveller with luggage. In fact, a cheap and fast way to get to your airport is through airport transfers – which can be easily organised both when leaving home, and arriving in Belgium. This can be a huge help if you are travelling in a group or with baggage, or just want the security of being able to get to a specific destination which is hard to reach by public transport.

Upon arrival, always give yourself time to disembark the plane and make your way through the airport and allow for the possibility of delays. There are shops and restaurants around the airport, so if you arrive before your transfer taxi you will have a moment to collect yourself with a coffee and a cake. Take the time to look over your plans for your trip and check the weather in Belgium.

Get orientated with a cycle tour

Unlike the tour of the European Parliament, cycle tours are not free. However, for a fairly low price you get to see the city centre, at a faster speed than you would walking and in a much more pleasant way than if you had taken the bus. 

With the wind in your face the city will feel much more real around you. However, be sure to bring a waterproof in case the heavens open up! Cycling is incredibly popular in Belgium, and, with a dense urban population and significant investment in cycling infrastructure, it is one of the safest countries in the world to cycle in. Experiencing the city from this perspective, even if you only do it once on the first day of your holiday will really give a sense of the Belgian perspective, and will remind you when you are walking to keep your wits about you at all times for cyclists.

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