Review: The Secret, Rhonda Byrne

February 21, 2014 4:00 pm

Book Review: Rhonda Byrne, The Secret 

Following Your Dreamssecret2

After reading the book The Secret I have never felt so motivated and so willing to carry forth what I set out to do. We all see the phrase ‘following your dreams’ as only taken seriously in two situations one, in a film, or two, in our childhood. Many films hold that inspirational message of following your dreams without looking back, and they always succeed.

Children don’t care how bizarre their dreams are, they just know they want to be singers, vets, astronauts or anything they want! Why is this?

Children don’t have bills to pay, a nine till five job and the responsibilities which comes with adulthood, they are beautifully ignorant, something that many of us envy. But is that an excuse to give up on our dreams? Should we just pity ourselves and get on with our lives?

I believe we should use them as fuel, they should make us even more determined to let our imagination take front seat for a while and see what happens.

I always think; how many people do you hear about who have tried all their lives, done everything they possibly could and not ended up living their dreams? Well, none. But, how many people have you heard of reaching for the stars and becoming successful? Success stories like these we hear every day. We shouldn’t look at celebrities and think; they have too much money, they fell into fame or whatever. Let’s face it their winners, if we look up to them rather than criticising them for something we don’t have, we can join them.

The Secret teaches about the law of attraction, and how to use it in our favour and become the best we can.

The Secret explores how to follow your dreams, no matter what profession you have

The Secret explores how to follow your dreams, no matter what profession you have

Even if you’re content in what you’re doing now, that’s great, now be the best at it, if you work as a waitress,  be the greatest there ever was! If you’re a cleaner, be the best. You don’t have to make a dramatic life change if you don’t want to, just set out to achieve at your highest ability.

Happiness is the key to everything; follow your dreams, if this makes you happy. If it doesn’t, then what’s the point?

What’s the point in being filthy rich if you’re unhappy? So your dream doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be famous, it can be small or large, just remember we only live one life and your number one dream should be to make that a happy one. For me, my career is my dream and what makes me feel most happy, but think, what’s your dream, what makes you feel most excited, most happy.

Now you have that thought, pursue it, and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.

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