Review: iPhone 5s

September 23, 2013 11:35 am

iPhone-5SOnce again the streets are full of talk about the new apple iPhone that has recently hit the market. As technology improvements continue to soar, so do the prices of the machines that wield these updates. The iPhone 5s is simply too expensive for your average Joe Blogs ranging from between £500-£700. You have to ask yourself, is a phone with a few minor improvements, slightly better visuals and a few new features worth all that extra money when last year’s iPhone 5 looks exactly the same and can be bought for a much cheaper price?

Luckily for apple, it doesn’t seem to stop people wanting the latest technology as far as mobiles come. So what is good about this new piece of machinery? Well it is the first mobile telephone to integrate 64 bit support as well as a finger print scan. The new A7 chip will also ensure faster speeds for opening applications although all these things will most likely continue to diminish battery life in the already short lived lifespan that the smartphone has.

So is this phone worth buying? Not yet. Prices need to come down, they need to add something really amazing and Siri still needs a lot of improvements (I don’t know anyone who actually uses it?). The main problem for apple is that other telephone companies have started to tag on to the booming smartphone industry and as such there is now a lot of competition, arguably some of which is as good and if not better than the Apple iPhone.

Take for example the ‘LG G2’ introduction video below. There are a lot of cool things this can do that the iPhone hasn’t even touched on yet. To mention one, if you are recording something you can ‘zoom in’ on the sound in a particular area so that you pick up the sound you want and not all the background sound elsewhere. Pretty nifty. Apple has its work cut out and for now it still remains king, but I wonder for how long.


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