How to Reboot the Iron Man Franchise

August 28, 2013 12:23 pm

As we all (unfortunately) know firsthand, all good things must come to an end. In a decent amount of time, such will ring true to the Iron Man franchise as we know it. Star Robert Downey Jr. will eventually have to pass the mantle down to someone less adequate for the role. Now, surely, that time will not come for many, many years. I can only assume that once The Avengers II is out of the way that Downey Jr. will sign on for one or two more Iron Man films and possibly do a cameo elsewhere, much like he did in The Incredible Hulk.

Now, I’ve previously suggested replacing Downey Jr. with Neil Patrick Harris if they intend on pulling a ‘Mark Ruffalo/Don Cheadle-esque’ swap. However, Marvel finds themselves in quite the predicament… Replacing their headliner is sure to piss off more than a few fans and whoever the next in line is is sure to be scoffed at, regardless of who it may be. Replacing Downey Jr. would be like replacing Hugh Jackman for Wolverine. Thinking about it makes you cringe.

My thought is: they need to go a completely different route. Once Robert Downey Jr. decides he’s had enough and wants to bow out of the Marvel universe gracefully, kill the character off. It’s never been done before in a superhero film—so do it now. Kill his Iron Man off and reboot the franchise in two-three years with something completely different and head scratching.

Jackie Chan has previously voiced interest in playing Tony Stark and what better way to differentiate one franchise from another than having a completely ‘WTF’ choice take the thrown? Jackie Chan is a decent enough actor and has the action capabilities to tentpole a new franchise.

What’s more interesting? Seeing someone you didn’t expect to act the part or seeing what young, good looking 20 something, Disney has found for a ‘hipper, sleeker’ Iron Man? If you said the latter, you disgust me.

iron manFor a director, you bring in someone like Ridley Scott to give it a Blade Runner feel. Something slightly futuristic yet still modern. The vibe of the environment should give off is something that seems far in the future but is actually only a couple of years ahead.

For the soundtrack, you hire Boys Noize to score the entire film—while occasionally throwing in some Daft Punk tracks.

As for the story line? Well, truthfully, I’m not that familiar with the Iron Man myths beyond the three films. However, one element of the comics that I wish they would’ve fully delved into is Tony’s problem with alcohol. They seemed to skirt the issue entirely and only make subtle nods at his alcoholism in the first two films. Now that the franchise is all ‘Disneyed’ up, I’m not sure we’ll ever see that element of the character come to fruition. In my ideal reboot, it would certainly play a part as the subplot.

For the main storyline, you do two things:

  1. You completely avoid reissuing an origin tale—Iron Man exists, deal with it.
  2. You pit him against formidable Zeke Stane and Justin Hammer to make the movie a ‘light’ reboot in case it fails aka Superman Returns.

Slap on a hard PG-13 rating and you should have a blockbuster success.

…or at least an Iron Man reboot that I’d want to see.

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