Pride: Review

October 18, 2014 1:55 pm

Pride is a film that both breaks your heart and warms it. We are living in an age where gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual rights are at the forefront of the public consciousness. Having recently seen the break through of the legalisation of gay marriage in the United Kingdom and day after day we hear of more American states following the seemingly inevitable path. This path of equality is one that to us seems right and offers up the question of why has this not been done sooner? However look back just 30 years, look back to 1984 the year this film is set and you can see a substantial difference, however we still live in a world where some keep their conservative view of right and wrong and still we hear of ill-treatment of those who should be equal.  That is why this film needed to be made, the film shows a group of lesbian and gay activists that supported the miners during the almost year-long strike. On a first glance this may not sound significant,helping out those in a time of crisis.

However if today some still treat people of a homosexual orientation as lesser,  imagine how they may have been viewed 30 years ago. The story tells us how this group of lesbian and gay activists, normally victimized by groups of miners put aside their feelings and differences to help out those in need. This act of selflessness, upon what the film is based, warms me to the very core. Pride, a film with an apt title, is a film to show how far we have come since those times and how far you can reach in a short time, within a year the lives of both the miners and the activists are turned upside down. We see a story not just of suffering and of coming together to help one another, but within the 2 hour film we see a change in human perspective, we see characters change the way they think, live and see the world.  Pride is a film that will both warm and break your heart several times over. A true story, a true story we should all know.

A film such as this needed a cast that could convey the strong message and that is what each as every actor throughout the film does, from those playing the conservative viewed too those playing the flamboyant. With the majority of the characters based on real people the cast do an impeccable job in both presenting the emotional story but also each characters individual traits. It is key however that I say this film is a comedy and will have you clenching your stomach in fits of laughter and then moments later covering your mouth an a moment of shock and hurt. I’m not a fan of the clichés statement of ”Its a rollercoaster of a film” however allow me to be corny, as seems fitting with this film, and say it most definitely is.

Pride film still

This film is rated 15 in the United Kingdom due to language, however I have been appalled on looking into this film that in the US it was given an 18 rating, only one reason could be behind this and it is its blatant homosexual content. The film has no graphic sex or violence and critics are in agreement that it was branded 18 purely due to the story itself. Therefore I hope that everyone who is able to see this film takes the opportunity too. It isn’t a blockbuster, or an action film and doesn’t have superheroes or powerful villains flying around and this I guarantee will cause it to fall short high ratings. However it is a comedy of truth and the only villains are those within our own community. A simple story of two groups of people, but a story I believe we all should know and love. And trust me when I say after seeing it you will both love the story and the film itself. I haven’t spoken about individual famous actors because I see this as a film that isn’t focused on getting ratings or making money but a film that had an aim, an aim of getting the story out there and hopefully inspiring more people to become active in standing up for what they believe to be right.

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