Pope Benedict XVI: His last day as he thanks supporters.

February 28, 2013 6:21 pm

The Pope

Today marks the last day for Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict has become the first pontiff to resign his position in a total of 600 years.

 To mark his last day Pope Benedict XVI arrived at Castel Gandolfo. Supporters of the Pope arrived in the main square of Castel Gandolfo dressed in white and yellow clothing to wish him farewell. Earlier on today the Pope also went out to speak to supporters awaiting him, he said “I am very happy to be here with you, surrounded by the beauty of the world” he then went on to say “thank you for your friendship and your affection”.

Earlier on the Pope sent out his final tweet to his 1.6million followers saying “thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the center of your lives.” [@Pontifex]

At 7pm the doors to the villa will close and that the Swiss Guard will stand aside which will mark the end of Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy.

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