Film Review: Pompeii 2014

June 14, 2014 9:00 am

What can I say about the worldwide phenomonan that is known worldwide as J.W. Andersons Pompeii?, Admittedly I was very sceptical when I first heard that J W Anderson was going to take on the beast that cemented its name in history through fire and flame, but I can gladly say that my mind has been changed forever. Pompeii-2014-Movie

With its breathtaking visual effects and its realistic world famous  worlds  end disaster scene, Pompeii has managed to once again let us in on the lives of those who suffered an horrible fate when the great “Mount Vesuvius” opened its fiery mouth and spat out the lava that would be the destruction of all that stood in its path back in 79 Ad.

Packed tightly with the ability to make you feel as if you were actually there when “Vesuvius” erupted,  Anderson’s Pompeii has succeeded with the realism of making a viewer experience all the emotions that the characters were enduring all the way through the madness.

The choreography for the fight scenes were well constructed and fit the era perfectly followed up with a shower of gladiator blood and the deaths of the evil characters that we all love to hate.pompeii10

The casting was an excellent line up and all the actors seemed to just mold in to their roles with so much ease, Kit Harrington (Jon Snow, A Game Of Thrones) played the protagonist Milo exceptionally well and proved and showed his dedication by getting fit for the role, a lot of hard work was poured forth into making “Milo’s” persona as real as possible and he succeeded in making us experience and feel every thrust of the sword and every kiss of a lover with him, as we followed him to his end.

Overall Anderson should be proud of what he has achieved with Pompeii as he has made an historic event part of lives on the silver screen, with the ability to make us love or to hate, to feel fear and to cry, Pompeii is depicted the way that the actual event occurred back in 79ad, Pompeii is “real” and Anderson has achieved that greatly because not only now can we just read about the disaster but we can watch it for ourselves, and see how they all truly suffered every step of the way.




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