Poeticat At Hootananny’s Brixton – 24/01/14

January 29, 2014 6:55 pm

If you ever feel like life is becoming boring, dull, or repetitive: then look no further. Poeticat are the band to see.

The band consisted of Catherine Martindale (or Cat-performance poet), Vic Meadowcroft (percussionist), Ziggy Jadowzski (Vocal Harmonist), Baj Kendrick (guitarist), his brother (drummer) and of course, Dr. Goat Foot as the bassist. The fact that the bassist is called ‘Dr. Goat Foot’ probably sheds some light on how different this band is in the world of music.


Poeticat are a band full of characterful individuals with very different influences. The band’s inspiration ranges from Heavy Metal and World Music; specifically Miriam Makeba (Singer-Songwriter), Scroobius Pip (Hip Hop duo) and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Despite such varying tastes, everyone knew that they wanted to play on big stages: something which brought them all together.

When Poeticat performed at Hootananny’s in Brixton, their uniqueness shone through quite quickly. The band combined genres such as spoken word, experimental, progressive and even punk as the audience got a taste of ‘Rooftops’ and ‘Crows’.  Rooftops started off solely with Cat’s spoken word; then the drums and bass jumped in too; starting a funky beat. Soon after, rocking guitar riffs and harmonious backing vocals joined to create a unique, catchy, experimental rock song which really showed the audience what Poeticat were about.

The multi-talented members Catherine and Vic, who played drums, percussion and performed vocals throughout their time on stage, showed great enthusiasm too. Cat claimed that she and Vic were “massive gossips”, which the boys in the band did not really like. Later, she told us that the song they were to play next was actually entitled ‘Gossip’.

After this, the band began to play their odd yet wonderful music, and got the crowd involved. Both Poeticat and the crowd shouted ‘Bullshit’ at each other – oh, what fun! Could the performance of Crows beat how enjoyable Gossip was? Catherine and Vic delivered a sequenced dance routine which reinforced the name of the song, as they flapped their arms like real crows in flight.  The chorus of the song consisted of cawing noises, which Cat encouraged the crowd to join in with, making the venue a fun-loving environment.


One piece that really got the crowd going was “Moomin Song”. Yes, that’s right, the Moomin Song, you know those things that look like hippos? Ok, never mind. Moomin Song was full of electronic sounds mixed with acoustic guitar. Although, the most unforgettable moment during this piece was the incorporation of the funky Moomin dance. This dance made it irresistible for people to join in. It’s no wonder that Moomin Song is Poeticat’s most frequently played hit.

Poeticat even have a new single entitled “Third Arm”. The song is about being in a band with a third arm: Poeticat feels like a ‘third arm’ is part of their bodies, but they are unsure if it is good or bad. Third Arm is about pointing in one direction and seeing what happens next. It aims to reflect what Poeticat are about as a band – how strange and unique they are. The band are performing at The Windmill in Brixton on February 28th , 2014 as part of the Third Arm single launch.

For any newbie bands out there, Poeticat have said to “play what you love, no matter how unusual it is”.

They explain: “If you like it, then someone else will probably like it too”.

Oh, and remember, NO GOATS!

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