Photos are a piece of art – Interview with young Bedford photographer Emma Dullingham

June 6, 2013 9:50 am
Emma Dullingham is a photographer based in Bedford. She featured in Caprice Magazine Canada Represented by Koloro fine art and photography agency. Featured twice in Vogue Italia. Koloro’s Photographer of the year 2012.

Emma DullinghamPiotr Balkus: Your photographs were featured twice in Vogue Italia. How did that happen?

Emma Dullingham: I applied and submitted photos on photo Vogue many, many times but only two have been accepted.

– Last weekend you were in Cornwall. Did you take any interesting photos there?

I took some seascape photos but not many. It was a family holiday so there wasn’t much time for photographing unfortunately!

– What is the difference between Cornwall and Bedford, the place you live?

Cornwall is located near the coast whereas, Bedford is located inland and is around a 2 and a half hour drive to any coastline. I prefer Cornwall because of the ever changing weather and the colours the landscape can produce. Cornwall has a bit of everything from the UK where Bedford is mostly a flat landscape.

– What’s the best photo you ever took?

It’s a difficult decision as I have many versatile popular images! I would say my ‘Explosion’ photo where it was very tricky to take the photo as it involved some skill. I used some wire wool stuffed in a whisk, attached to a piece of rope and then I set my camera on a long exposure of around 15 second and spun the wire wool above my head until the shutter released. It created a ‘spider like’ effect which has been very popular!

– Your photos are very artistic – it seems that you are not only a photographer, but also an artist…

Emma DullinghamI don’t really see myself as an artist although photos are a piece of art. There is a lot of controversy over ‘photographers’ as dlsr professional cameras have become available for anyone to buy even if they are not interested in the photography profession. It’s a tricky one!

– Technology helps to adjust photos and make them look better. What’s your opinion on modern technology?

I tend to use photoshop CS5 or CS6 to touch up my photos. Sometimes the light and colours are not right so I adjust them a little to what I had imagined.

– Some of your photos are black and white…

I always produce a colour and a black and white edit to every photo I take. Sometimes the black and white edit is a lot more striking and dramatic compared to some colour photos. I always compare the 2 and chose which one is best.

– What does photography mean for you?

It’s a very strong passion of mine which could lead to my work profession in the future. For the meantime, it’s just a very loved and enjoyable hobby of mine!

– Is photography, in your opinion, a more male or female based profession?

emma dullinghamI would see a photographer as a male’s profession, as you rarely come across female photographers. However saying that, there are many talented female photographers but males seem to dominate photography.

– What do you like apart photography?

I also like music. My favourite band at the minute is Imagine Dragons and are really all I listen to. I like fashion a lot and would love to do some fashion editorial shoots in the future. I also love charity shops as they are full of hidden gems!

– Thank you and good luck with your photography and other projects!

Thank you!


More about Emma and her photos at

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