Lo and behold, a fashionably sermonic jabber on gods and devils.

April 23, 2012 12:53 pm

“Amazing how grimly we hold on to our misery, the energy we burn fuelling our anger. Amazing how one moment, we can be snarling like a beast, then a few moments later, forgetting what or why. Not hours of this, or days, or months, or years of this… but decades. Lifetimes completely used up, given over to the pettiest rancor and hatred. Finally, there is nothing here for death to take away.” – Factotum, the movie.

The year 2012 is a good year for Jesus freaks, spiritual speculators, apocalyptic prophets and all other kinds of mystic fearmongers that try to explain the social anxiety about the future and the atmosphere of instability in this strange time. Even I, otherwise known for self-control, can’t resist the temptation of delivering twisted and cruel sermons to the avid masses when the powerful urge hits. May you live in interesting times, goes a subtle Chinese curse and us, the tewntysomethings of 2012 are slam bang in the middle of these times. We are a generation cursed with paying off the baby boomers credit cocaine binges in a world changing faster and more dramatically than ever before, and I, personally, am trying to never side up with anybody displaying too obvious religious affections, for reasons that explain themselves and don’t need further disputation. A London computer geek dash philosopher has written a truly amazing story about his views on god and I can’t say that I agree, I even have multiple objections especially about the bit about dinosaurs, yet in spite of these, I believe this story to be the best take on religion I have read lately. This story, however, doesn’t give a lead on beings that might be as elevated as God, only evil. Why shouldn’t superior, evil and alien entities exist, since we’re leaving science on the side for the time being and letting ourselves get carried away by imagination and admittedly naive speculation?

Everybody’s debating more or less seriously the existence of other worlds, and what puzzled me is why should there be Other worlds. Why don’t we look at it as an Alladin’s cave type of thing? It might look tiny from the outside, but you never know what’s inside, so the best thing to do is admit you know very little, if anything… that’s a good and honest starting point, I think. How much of this world are we really aware of? Could it be that we have only shed light on a small part of the much bigger, overwhelmingly so, one world? Aliens, demons, angels, gods and the sixth sense and telepathy and white and black magic and multiple dimensions are all a part of a grey area of culture that nobody really takes seriously nor do they completely dismiss it either. Doublethink of sorts. Of course we’re afraid, we’re scared sh**less and don’t want to admit it. The unknown inflicts a special kind of fear and hate in the heart of the average man – for no good reason at all. We might be holding a candle at the entrance of an immense cave and because we only see what’s in our close proximity, we don’t appreciate the true size of the goddamn place. Because of the petty and mischievous way our mind works in, we need absolute truths in order to feel comfortable, and even if there was such a thing as absolute truth, we’d be very far from it. It wouldn’t change our mind, but we’d accept it as face value because that’s what we do. Truth is a dangerous concept and I try to avoid it, firstly because it’s not what I’m after as a writer and secondly because it’s so relative only a mad man can claim to know it. Every once in awhile, however, an article in favour of demonic possession and the like appears at the same shop you work at and it provokes a recklessly far-fetching retort. C’est la vie.

Can’t oppose the zeitgeist now, can you? We are all in the same damn boat here whether we like it or not and our opinions are bound to clash sometime, even if only tangentially. The man mentions future prediction in the article, and that involves the concept of time as linear and arithmetical. If you look at time from a relative, non-linear, non-human POV – the argument is f****d. In universal terms there’s no time as we understand it, because the universe has its own rhythms that aren’t dictated by the vibration of a piece of quartz in a primitive mechanism. Science proves that the universe is constantly expanding at an exponential rate, so a better way to express time, a method with an actual basis in reality would be to calculate the rate at which the motherf***** is expanding, then break it down and wear it at our wrists, with none of this 24 hour bulls***. It would be only natural for a non-human, universal being, good, evil or neutral, to transcend time like that, and with some overview and shroom logic, you can do it too. Science doesn’t see things in good and evil, it takes well sharpened instincts to see the simmering evil in something – and it also takes a halfwit ignorant to trust those instincts. It resonates in your belly, and there’s no explaining it. The virtue of the devil is in its loins, said Al Pacino when playing Satan in the best movie I’ve seen on the subject. The hubris is what drives it, and to a degree is what drives us humans, too.

After all, the majority of humans are weak creatures, so if demons wanted to possess us all I don’t think they’d have a hard time doing that and taking over this whole rotten place rather quick. What better place for demons and devils than, say, the army? The army spills human blood in order to promote democracy and save the uncivilised nations from themselves, by means of cluster bombs. Posessing young Scandinavian kids isn’t really efficient… so I take it demons aren’t interested in power, nor are they rational beings. Our leaders would be much better targets for possession… Look at them, not the brightest bulbs, are they?

Anybody running around preaching life to others, living the lame delusion that one man can change the world deserves whatever’s coming their way, no questions asked. It’s an unwritten waver of many of your rights that comes with that particular job. Each and every one of us has the explosive potential to be evil beyond imagination if given half a chance, no demons needed. We can manage that all on our own.

Sometimes you feed the birds and sometimes you shoot them for fun, singing My Old Kentucky Home, it is what it is and not much can be done about it. There’s a wicked tosser in every one of us including all the closeted Geezus freak prats of the 21st Century who are ashamed of their silly faith, yet ruthlessly pass judgement. As a balanced person, one should get to know and love the evil inside himself, at least that’s what seems completely rational to me… maybe demons are bored aliens with a twisted sense of humour, and all they need to cool off is some unconditional love – try to kiss it while it’s spitting frogs and rapping in Aramaic.

There is some s*** in this world about which it’s not safe to get wise, and the clues are there for those who want to see them. If demons exist, we’re battling them with obsolete tools because scientists won’t touch the subject and doctors are choked by ignorant and greedy corporations as well as the prerequisites of traditional medicine which simply refuses to acknowledge even the possibility of alternatives to its dogma. We’re leaving the battle against pure evil to priests who can’t even keep their hands off the choir boys they are teaching, never mind channelling their energy towards a positive goal like killing nazi devils. These clowns can barely abstain from being evil themselves, and we ironically turn to them as a last resort against wicked forces I won’t pretend to understand. Like asking a cop for directions to the nearest crack den, the results are sadly predictable. I’m assuming that there are far more efficient and easier ways to perform a so-called exorcism on an allegedly possessed individual, should anyone qualified take an actual interest. I’d gladly do it, but I’m still battling my own internal demons, and by the way it looks now, I’ve got a long way to go still. Funny how the ones who should be at the forefront of progress on all fields are also the ones who duck and look the other way when it comes to questions that we simply can’t answer, such as the physical nature of evil. We need somebody with a clean heart, like Skye Edwards or Damian Marley maybe. Clearly a person wearing dreadlocks cannot cough up nails. Some things remain evil proof throughout in this rat infested s***hole, such as blossoming cherry trees and good music. Our Fathers and Hail Marys just don’t cut it anymore. If used correctly, marijuana too I suspect can be a powerful amulet. Who said that? XAXAXAXAXAAAA… What’s happening? Am I possessed? Some of my teachers in school thought so… How much longer, oh, Lordy? When the bleeding f*** will we realise that all this gibberish is just mutations of the ego, extreme manifestations of the unconscious or severe forms of schizophrenia. More and more I realise that what’s really keeping us from evolving is the bastard ego – the real opium of the masses.


… the next morning: Erm, I can see now that sobriety is not good for writing, and there’s no man more self righteous and arrogant than a young journalist on the proverbial wagon. It’s not the fear of contradicting myself that makes me stop here, we all know I’ve done that before, but something else I can’t fully recall now about the courage of one’s own convictions, as it were. Thank you.

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