O2 Tracks App Review

April 29, 2013 3:01 pm

As an avid music lover, when MoonProject asked me to have a look at the new music-streaming service from O2, O2 tracks, I was excited about what I’d be met with. Admittedly, it’s a crowded marketplace, but O2 tracks is, in my opinion, a rather brilliant new service to add to the already established group of Spotify and Last.Fm.

Indeed, the app itself is easy to use and personable; there is a star option for listeners to identify their favourite tracks. Furthermore to this, it works quickly and even comes with information tabs about each of the tracks that you choose to listen to.


The app itself is based around a set of playlists, so this isn’t the app for music lovers who want to delve into the back catalogues and album tracks of their favourite artists. Instead, O2 tracks is for the casual music listener who enjoys Top 40 chart music and new releases.

A clear bonus of this app is the fact that new releases can be readily added to the app quickly and simply. This means that if you’re a fan of the newest released music then this is definitely for you.

As I noted before, a major drawback of the app is its lack of a broader catalogue of tracks.  With its limited selection of songs to choose from, the app could get very boring very quickly; with Spotify also on the market offering so much more, consumers may be tempted to ignore O2 tracks.

That being said, for the most part this is a well-designed, quick and fun app to use if you like your chart music brought to you almost instantaneously.

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