Netflix’s Top 5 Shows

January 5, 2015 5:15 pm

Being a student, I’ve watched quite a bit of Netflix. Especially now I’m not a student after dropping out of Uni and currently unemployed (I’m trying, honest). I’m pretty sure Netflix has been my life support for the last few weeks and over the last 6 months it has saved me from boredom on rainy days, and sunny ones too. The shows that have helped me in my hours of need are probably all ones you’ve heard off but may not necessarily have watched, and just so you know, there are no spoilers in this article (kinda)!


5) Dexter: Miami’s favourite serial killer. I must admit I almost left this off my top 5 due to the disappointing series finale and season 8 in general. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt heartbreak over a TV show but Dexter will probably do it. The last season’s focus was all wrong and just not the same resulting in me being hesitant to put it at number 5. However the first 7 seasons are illustrious. My advice would be to watch up to season 7 and then stop and live your life happily. But yes, if you like the sound of a serial killer who’s produces a ritualistic and contemporary killing method AND works for Miami Metro PD as a blood splatter analyst, then this is for you.

4) American Horror Story: This is a weird one, but gripping at the same time. Just make sure you pay close attention otherwise you could find yourself very muddled. There’s currently 4 seasons, each of which don’t follow on but use the same actors for different characters, strange right? Each season has a ‘freaky’ or ‘mysterious’ character you could say and events unfold within them. I wouldn’t recommend if you’re a bit of a wimp but go for it if you’re not.


3) Orange Is The New Black: This series has only really just begun and just finished the second series but it’s already a personal favourite of mine. Piper Chapman is centre of it all, going to prison after a crime she did 10 years ago involving transporting drug money that belonged to her, at the time girlfriend, Alex Vause. Piper, now married to a man goes to serve her 15 month sentence and finds that Alex is in the same prison. The series has its intense moments and also its light-hearted moments and overall is an enjoyable watch. I may be wrong, but I’d say girls would enjoy it more than boys.

2) Prison Break: It’s what it says basically. Male antagonist, Michael Schofield breaks his brother, Lincoln Burrows out of a high max security prison after he’s wrongly convicted of killing the Vice President’s brother. The series consists of 4 seasons spanning over 80 episodes. All I will say is that the first two seasons are outstanding and probably up there with the best I’ve seen in a TV series. The third somewhat dawdles and tries to find a new focus and the fourth is still very good but not as good as the first two and becomes a lot more political which may or may not interest you.

1) Breaking Bad: It had to be, I’m sorry if it was obvious and you feel let down and expected anything different but it’s just so good. It’s without doubt my favourite ever series purely down to the excellent writing, acting and uniqueness of the story lines. Who thought up of a terminally ill chemistry teacher partnering up with an ex-student to cook and sell Crystal Meth? Genius. This series has everything and just keeps getting better the further you get into it. I must confess, I didn’t watch this on Netflix after getting the box set for Christmas but nonetheless, it’s on Netflix and it’s amazing.

So there you have it, I hope any Netflix newbie’s find this useful. There were some near misses such as Fresh Meat, a comedy show about a group of University freshers who are put in uni-house after missing out on halls, staring Jack Whitehall and Joe Thomas. The Vampire Diaries…I’ve only just started this show and I am enjoying it, however…it does seem to be one of those cheesy American shows along the lines of 90210 with the big ‘muscley’ hot male leads(so I’m told). No wonder my girlfriend recommended it..and there’s also 120 episodes to date…too much man! And Sherlock, a great show with a fantastic duo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman however episodes are 90 minutes each and I have a poor attention span, I really do.

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