My Opinion On Kim Kardashian

November 19, 2014 9:45 am
Kris Jenner - Kim Kardashian's Mother

Kris Jenner – Kim Kardashian’s Mother

Well, where do I start? Kim Kardashian skyrocketed her way to fame when her sex tape with ex-beau Ray J went public in 2007. What’s most disturbing about the surfacing of the tape is that Kris Jenner (the matriarch of the reality family) is supposed to have orchestrated the whole thing, even hiring a communications expert to advise her on how to make the most money out of the scandal. Kris was reported to say – “My job was trying to take my kids’ 15 minutes and turn it into 30.”

No Kris, I’m afraid you have entirely got your ‘job’ as a mother wrong. Your dollar-sign tainted glasses have blinded you to the reality that you have chosen the profitable solution at the expense of your daughters modesty. When Tulisa’s sextape came to the public eye last year, it took her less than a day of high-profile lawyer meetings for an injunction to be set against the tape, banning anyone from using, publishing, communicating or disclosing it. So why couldn’t Kris; a far wealthier and more powerful women do the same? Because she wouldn’t have earned the millions she did, of course.

This is just a glimpse of the lack of principles this family has, and the ‘normality’ they feel when their personal life is exploited for the 10% their ‘momager’ receives. But can we entirely blame Kris?


Kim Kardashian

Having lost my Father myself, I understand the sensitivity when people say ‘What would your father have said/thought?’ It tends to infuriate me that people feel they have a right to tell me that if my father ‘were alive’ he would have disagreed with what I am doing or a decision I have made, he is ‘MY’ father after all. But the candid question is, would the sex-tape have come out if Kim’s late Father, Robert Kardashian were still alive? I think not. I don’t have to use personal-experience to know that it would disgust, disappoint and quite likely enrage the majority of fathers if known their daughter was at the centre of a seedy scandal. I am in no place to say he would have been disappointed in Kim, but I can highly doubt Robert Kardashian, a successful high-profile lawyer would have allowed it to be sold.

As reported recently, the Kardashians are one of the most influential families on earth, and it is our fault, the public, for pursuing to watch their reality show, Google them, buy their products and just genuinely fuel their fame. If everyone were to lose interest in them, they wouldn’t be all-over the press for our children to read about and God-forbid idolise. But that’s where I’m being a hypocrite. As the Kardashians are so controversial, a large proportion of the public who contribute to their fame are far from fans, they write articles criticising their actions, their outfits and even their personal life, sometimes I feel sorry for the lack of privacy and normality they must have before I realised they signed up for it – as reality stars.
This is where Kanye comes in. Honestly, at first I thought he was the answer to Kim’s problems, momentarily she seemed to have fixed up – her attire became more classy, she made less and less public appearances then, much to everyone’s delight, Kim became pregnant!

Motherhood changes any women, and if it doesn’t – it should. You are now entirely responsible for another humans well-being and you pretty much sculpt this human into the character they’ll grow into. Looking back, Kanye thrived off all the controversy over Kim, it was the main contributing factor to making both individuals more powerful and predominantly making them into one of Americas most talked about power-couples. Kanye is no better than Kris with exploiting Kim. Kim’s most recent photo-shoot – “break the internet” was clearly masterminded by Kanye, Kim’s puppeteer. Within minutes of the photo being posted online, Kim started trending worldwide on Twitter and had the whole nation talking about her, oh sorry, I meant talking about her assets. It did, as intended – break the Internet. This is why I feel Kim has no hope to ever be respected as a person, she’s like a lapdog with no boundaries and would happily degrade herself in order to make a few bucks. Fair enough, do what you like, you’re your own person after all, but the main issue for me is that you’re also another person’s person – North’s.


Baby North, Kim’s child.

Poor North will have to grow up listening to people criticise and make derogatory comments towards her mother, unless of course Kim and Kanye plan on separating her from the public, banning her from the Internet and home-schooling her- something that will damage her even more. So, inevitably at one stage of this child’s life she will be faced with a naked photo or sex-tape of her Mother, can you imagine that? What I don’t understand about Kanye is that I’m almost certain he would be disgusted at the thought of North taking Kim’s path, so why is he so dandy with Kim doing it to the extent he organises her exploitation himself? Will he have to tell North that ‘mummy’s path is wrong’ or God-forbid tell her ‘that it’s right?’ Kim succeeded in breaking the Internet, I’ll give her that but she has failed to be a role-model for her child who I only hope doesn’t get tainted by the shattered moral-compass that both her parents hold. When will ‘enough be enough’? When will she have earned enough money to stop degrading herself to the delight of the public? I say never. She was taught no different and no doubt she’ll teach the very same.

  • Hey, I read some of your arguments and found them interesting. I think the sentiments are good but just wanted to add a few thoughts of my own, as I’ve read a lot lately about Kim being somehow immoral for doing what she did, and feel a lot of it is a little bit unfair and reveals a lot about how we as a society view women and sexuality.

    I’m concerned about the pervading attitude that seems to be that a woman is ‘degrading’ herself if she dares to be unashamed of her body. It would be lovely to see us as a society move away from this idea that it’s ok to police and judge how other women use their own ‘assets’. As a society we’re messed up about sexuality anyway. There are a plethora of violent videos on Youtube that anyone can access at the click of a button but somehow a video of two consensual adults having sex is deemed as far more damaging (let’s not forget that North’s father is prone to violent outbursts) to the present or future offspring.

    I agree with your comments about Kris Jenner – she has milked the family’s celebrity for all it’s worth, but we must remember that Kim was not a child when this happened. She was an adult in her 20s, and to claim she had no say or power over what happened with her video after it was leaked is farcical to say the least (I also know the article wasn’t about him, but we must remember this video is half Ray J’s). It is also strange to be talking of her as though she is a meek little victim of exploitation by her husband instead of a woman with her own voice. My guess is she wanted to do this photoshoot, and why not? We obviously differ in opinion on this, but my feelings are that we are in the 21st century, bodies are not something to be ashamed of, and if North grows up hearing derogatory comments about her mother being ‘tainted’ for having a body, and not about her father being a violent thug, I would say that we should point the blame at society, and not at Kim.

    I hope you don’t think I’m trying to attack you or your article. I just feel that without discussion there are always going to be these unnecessary double standards.

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