Modern day slavery

July 24, 2014 9:45 pm

Slavery was one of world’s biggest shames. Something that is rarely discussed anymore because we hold it as a thing of the past; but is it really a thing of the past? How free are we actually today? Who can honestly say “I am a free man” without stopping for a second to see if he can say it without second thought? If anything we are all but free.

Each and every one of us is a slave in his own right. And while people say “it’s not our fault the world is as it is”, I can only disagree. It is exactly we ourselves who allowed the introduction of this new modern slavery and have furthered allowed it to take place by not reacting when the time was right.

modern slavery


You go to work, you work 8-10 hours a day for a shitty salary cause you have to pay the bills; you have to pay the tax; you have to eat food which costs amounts of money it shouldn’t cost. From the moment you are born you have the matter of debt over your head. It is as if you are in debt to the world for allowing you to be born in the first place. You pay for living in the country you live; you pay for living in your house; the water you drink, the air you breathe.

Five-hundred years ago people were considered peasants and slaves to royalty when they had to pay 10 percent of their income to the Lord. Today we pay 20-25 percent as free people. However, this is just the simplest view of slavery that we can see.

What about slaves of time? People have no time left for anything. All we do is run from one place to another with our eyes glued to the ground. Even our  smartphones have taken control over us. “Feed me” is what they yell every few hours; like that man eating plant from “Little shop of horror” and you have to because you must have your phone charged. If it dies you start feeling uncomfortable. Your thoughts obsess with what you are missing, who called you, Facebook notifications. You have to know everything; NOW!

You are disconnected from the world. Alone. Not to mention the society which everyone is a slave to. The society judges every move you make. Everything you say and everything you do that isn’t according to general acceptance will be judged.We are modern day slaves and we are slaves to everything. Slaves to what we wear, slaves to what we speak and slaves to what we eat.

Humanity is waging wars all over the world to bring freedom to other people that we enjoy; but where is that freedom? Sometimes it seems like what we have left of freedom is the freedom how to spend my free time and the freedom of what to watch on TV; in which there isn’t a lot to watch, mostly commercials these days yelling “Buy buy buy” cause we live in a world where spending power is acknowledged as the success factor in life.

Of course the more money you have, the more freedom you can buy. Is that the looks of a free society? It sounds more like the leftovers of what was known once as freedom. Privileges at best. The worst thing is, for us, it is the only freedom we know. I was watching a movie where a black slave was freed. He looked in confusion and said “But, where am I supposed to go? This is the only thing I know”.  Are we any different? If you told a man that he is free and he can go and live a completely free life would he really know what to do or would he question his purpose in this world? This is all he knows. This is all we know.

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