Meredith Kercher: Who’s to Blame?

September 17, 2012 5:02 pm

Meredith Kercher

It has been almost 5 years since British student Meredith Kercher was murdered in Perugia, and Justice has still not been delivered.

After two verdicts, no one really knows what happened during the night of 1th November 2007. What we do know is what has happened since: a murdered girl has been forgotten and a suspect has become a sort of celebrity. Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox were cleared of the murder accusation in the 2nd verdict, overturning the first one which said they killed “Metz”. “They didn’t commit murder” the Judges said. However, they also said that Rudy Guede – the only person convicted in this case – wasn’t alone in the act of murdering. On the contrary Guede’s trial judgement even put Amanda and Raffaele at the scene of the crime, but refused to explain why they were not given the same sentence.

It’s ridiculous how one person can be jailed because he killed with two other people, and yet these “two other people” have been discharged for the opposite reason. I really hope the Italian Court will fix this injustice; it will offer peace to Meredith and her family.

I don’t like to condemn people, but in this case I really think something has been hidden or overlooked.I find it hard to believe that the contradictory story Amanda and Raffaele told can be justified, by the police, by the stress of a sad situation.

I mean how can you vilify someone like Mr Lumumba who was completely unrelated to the events (Amanda Knox was convicted for this crime)?!  How can they confuse where they spent that night?! Or how can they forget so easily whether they knew Rudy Guede?!

Kercher, Guede, Sollecito and Knox

This second verdict doesn’t deny the possibility that Amanda and Raffaele lied about their location during that night. The Court wrote on the sentence that even if they went to “via della Pergola” it doesn’t prove they murdered or witnessed Meredith assassination. Judges literally followed the principle “Beyond any reasonable doubt”.

I am not a judge and I’ll respect every kind of judgment they are going to give during the next appeal. Nevertheless, I dare to say I have already condemned Amanda and Raffaele for the crime of silence.

If such amount of evidence does not give enough proof to condemn someone, that doesn’t mean that the same evidence does not give us the chance to have a Moral Judgement .

What we really ask for is a true and certain conviction for the ones who committed this horrible crime, and not just some probable guilt. We all owe that to Metz and her respectable family.

  • James Clark

    Terrible to think that Sollecito and Knox were allowed to walk free and if found guilty again at a later date (the Italian system is complicated) then it is unlikely that the Americans would send Knox back to Italy. For some bizarre reason they presume that she is innocent, certainly not the way it looks to me.

  • Murdoch5

    There’s been a lot of mis infomation out there. If you read Rudy Guede’s sentencing report from the Supreme Court, it specifically says it’s not upto them to decide if there was multiple attackers.
    It’s pretty obvious what happened, Guede approached the cottage around 8pm as scene on the cctv footage and then he returned around 8.40pm, again seen on the cctv footage. Meredith came home at 9pm and he was sitting on the toilet when she walked in the door. He attacked her shortly after she had walked into her room and taken off her shoes. (there was no blood on her shoes)
    Guede’s poo was in the toilet, his dna on her tracksuit jacket, on her purse, on her bra and inside her body, his bloody palm print was found on a pillow and his shoes in blood made footprints leading out of the room to the front door. He admitts being at the cottage and put the time of death at 9.30pm. When caught in Germany, he said Amanda was not at the cottage and he’d never met Raffaele. There’s also a semen stain on the pillow under her body that was never tested.
    What’s so hard to understand about a burglary gone wrong committed by someone with links to 5 other burglaries in the weeks leading upto Merediths death?

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