Mark Beaumont Gets Into The Guinness Book Of Records

September 21, 2017 11:10 pm

As time goes on, human beings understand that a lot of things that were considered as great achievements in the past could be trumped with more efforts. This is actually what happened in the case of cycling few days back. The Guinness book of records just got a new hero in the person of the 34 years old Mark Beaumont.

The British young man broke the record of cycling round the world just in 79 days. This became a very huge feat because the man that held the record before he broke it did the same routes within 194 days. The record started in 2008 when one cyclist from Perthshire did the race in 194 days. However, another rose later and completed his own in 123 days. That has been the best anyone got in the cycling round the world challenge. But Mark Beaumont has laid all those to rest by completing his own 18,000 miles race one day before the scheduled time of arrival, covering about 240 miles each day.

details of how the adventure went has it that during the period of the cycling, the British man was only having five hours of sleep, as he was on his wheel for more than 16 hours every day. Records are not alien to him, as he started doing great things when he was even younger. According to vuelta 2018 news, he was the young man who paddled through the entire Scotland 22 years ago.

To ensure that he covered the entire world, the cyclist started his race from the UK on the 2nd of July, and the adventure took him through France and other arts of Europe and brought him to Russia. From this eastern European country, he moved on to Mongolia and got into China. He set off from China and landed into the far Australia and New Zealand. Having reached the farthest end of the earth, he turned back and his return journey took him to North America, before he got into Portugal, from there to Spain and finally back to France.

Speaking about the reason why he embarked on this onerous and very uphill task, the young man posited that Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in Eighty Days” inspired him. He posited that he was always up by 4: AM every morning, and when he does, he sets his mind on the four hour block. Being aware of the huge task in front, but not making it an object of thought, he was always sustaining himself with 9,000 calories every day.

He went ahead to talk about how he has given a new definition to what endurance in sports means through his experience which he described as incredible. He also admitted that since he was born, he has never put his body through such a punishing challenge. He needed huge mental and physical stamina to pull through every day, and his support team made everything possible for him.

The moment he alighted from his bicycle after 240 miles every day, he made a Facebook post The post announced that he has officially cycled through the world in 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes, setting two Guinness world records by so doing. He also thanked the support team and followers who he described as amazing. He ended the post with, we’ve done it.

It would also be good to recall that he had a nutritionist, a physiotherapist, a mechanic, and a manager with him as part of his team.

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