The magic of the Football League

August 29, 2013 5:47 pm

the football leagueThe Premier League is set to kick-off in the 17th of August this year and the race for 1st place is as competitive as ever with a possible 6 teams in with a real chance of winning what is now the 22nd season of the top league in English football, if not the world. While many of the teams go on their tours of Asia, America & Europe the transfer window remains open as Real Madrid aim to acquire the skills of Gareth Bale for €100 million and French giants PSG threaten a €250 million (1/4 of a BILLION euro bid) for Lionel Messi.

But what of the rest of the footballing world? What of the other 72 english teams craving to be seen as one of these big spending clubs in the top of the football pyramid? Are they just sitting back and sunbathing in the 2-3 month window that the FA has given them to prepare? No. As millions analyse the possibility of 6 teams winning the premier league there is a realistic chance of 16 or 17 teams being promoted from the championship, there has already been a 9 goal (5-4) triller between Coventry and Bristol City respectively in league one blowing it wide open already with such a difference of performance. Because in the Football league that is what it comes down to, the performance put in on the day and that alone will win you matches because anyone can beat anyone meaning anyone can be promoted. To look at Swansea as an example would be wise as they are comfortably in the premier league after finishing 9th and having a place in Europe after winning the league cup. It may be forgotten that Swansea City FC were in League 2 eight years ago and have since moved to a new Stadium and changed from looking at £10,000 players to £10 million pound players to try and score goals against the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal.

Lionel-MessiThe football league is the heart of English football and without there would be no Premier League or excitement surrounding it. The championship is possibly the most exciting league in the world as it is not only the fifth biggest (according to attendance records) but also the most wide open with a team going from the 30,000 capacity AMEX stadium in Brighton to the 5,000 capacity stadium in Yeovil respectively. These differences make the football league so special and unique giving die-hard fans who travel the length of the country to support their team something that can’t be replicated no matter where you go. As a proud supporter of a football league club I can safely say that when (yes, when!) my club are in the Premier League I will miss the atmosphere and feeling of what I have now. The cold Tuesday nights in league one 200 miles away from home, the bliss summer days in the championship as the match day atmosphere builds or just the satisfying celebration when we score a goal in the FA cup and accomplish what everyone wants, a giant killing.

I can’t wait to experience watching my club on Match of the Day and going to bed earlier and having the atmosphere of Old Trafford surrounding me on a match day as its want I have been wanting since I started watching my team at the age of 6. But there will always be a part of me that will miss the goals of league one and the cheap burger van chips while watching a rubbish game in a tiny ground even though I spent the whole time wishing for top flight action. That for me is the magic of the Football League and is a a group of leagues that don’t deserve to go unnoticed by any football fan in the world because on some days there is no difference of quality to the Premier League.

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