LG G2 – Technology Overdrive!

October 15, 2013 12:41 pm

It would be hard to avoid the multiple adverts you see on television, in the cinema and on billboards across the country, about various types of mobile phones and what they can do. A few years ago it was kind of simple – either you were a blackberry enthusiast or an iPhone enthusiast (or a proud owner of the age old brick!). Whichever one you owned, you would argue fiercely that it was better than the other one. These days it is a little more tricky. There are hundreds of different types of smartphones out there, all of which can do amazing things and all of which spend millions on advertising.

Take for example the LG G2, a high end smartphone which many people will never have even heard of. Nonetheless, they are getting their name out there in a big way and have focused on the various attributes in the mobile phone which are actually nothing to do with calling or texting people. To illustrate this, have a look at the short clip below where LG G2 have created an amusing advert in which a photographer uses a chicken to take still shots for improves quality.


The idea behind this is obviously that the LG G2’s camera is powerful enough to be able to replicate the still shots taken from the chicken’s un-moving head. This is undoubtedly amusing but it does make one think: If mobile telephone companies that most of us haven’t even heard of are creating technology like this (and clearly people are buying it) – what is going to happen in the future? Within ten years we have gone from bricks to two main competitors in the mobile market and now to hundreds of competitors.

As a consumer, I confess I am finding it hard to keep up. I’m not complaining, in fact I think it is great as surely with all these technology upgrades we must soon stumble across a teleportation device which frankly I would find rather useful. Seriously though, where does this lead and how much further can we actually advance?

One thing is clear: the technological future will be interesting!

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