Learn How To Sit Back And Watch Your Money Grow

June 21, 2017 5:01 pm

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There are possibilities in this world of making money without the hard work, the elbow grease and working your fingers to the bone. There are ways to make money without even trying, without even bothering to show up to work. You might think that’s a pipe dream, but it’s not, people do it every day. How? Quite simply, these individuals have mastered the art of the passive income.

A passive income is exactly how it sounds. It’s something that you can do without even trying. You can be completely hands off and still make a fortune. There are plenty of possibilities like this, and you just need to know where to look for them.

For instance, a savings account is certainly an example of a passive income. You don’t have to do anything except add money, and little by little your capital will grow. There’s no knowledge necessary here and no work you need to complete. In fact, all you need to really do is make sure that you’re using the best savings account on the market because there are quite a few to choose from. You don’t want to pick the wrong one and lose the chance to make a lot more money. Actually, a lot more money might be being slightly optimistic because of these days, saving accounts aren’t all they cracked up to be. That said, they can still raise your finances, even if it’s just by a measly amount. So, let’s look at some of the better passive incomes.


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Blogging is an interesting one because when you start off, you’ll definitely have to work for it. But, it can evolve into a passive income where very little input from you is needed to make it a success. To get started with blogging, you’re going to need to set up a website. Once you have a website, you can start filling it with content. What content? That doesn’t really matter if we’re honest, it can be anything. You can blog about flowers in fantasy fiction, and you’ll still find a group of followers. In fact, in some cases, it’s actually better to aim for a niche reader base because there is less competition.

Once you start to gain a solid level of readers each day, you can start to think about attracting advertisers. It’s at this point that your blog is making money. Then, you can hire writers to provide content for your blog and suddenly, it’s not a passive income. You can add your own writing to it on occasion, but this will be a hobby rather than a job.

Property Investments

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You might think that property investments aren’t a passive income, but they definitely can be. Investment properties can either be rented out or sold on. It’s the renting out aspect that we want to look at here because buying to sell is essentially property flipping, and that takes a lot of work. You’ll have to make changes to add value to the property you’ve bought and sell it on. This will certainly require a fair amount of elbow grease so instead, let’s get back to leasing a property. When you lease a property, you can pretty much rent it out as is. In most cases, you won’t even have to meet your tenants or ever see them.

Instead, everything can be handled by a property management that you hire from maintenance to marketing and even getting the money they owe you in rent. If you speak to property owners letting out their buildings based on this type of agreement, they’ll tell you they do it for the easy life. They get the extra income for those luxury holidays without any additional pressure from work.

Lending Money

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Finally, you can think about peer to peer lending. This is a great idea if you have a certain level of money that is currently just sitting in your account. You can lend it out to people who need a loan and charge your own level of interest. If you offer fair or fixed levels of interests, you will certainly be able to attract interested parties who are eager to avoid the dangerous short-term loans offered by businesses on the market.

To get started with this passive investment, you should look at the official channels for lending. You can then join one of these businesses and set up an account. Do remember that you will be expected to play fair and not charge overly excessive rates. If you do this, you’ll have the protection of the company, and this means you’ll always get any money you lend back.

As you can see then, there are plenty opportunities for passive income. Are you ready to get started?

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