Leadership as a keystone of success

March 25, 2015 9:00 am

We often hear about the importance of leadership in a corporate sphere. Stories about great leaders making great corporations and personal stories of managers and laborers that are somehow dependent on them. But is leadership really a privilege of a chosen few?


First lever of leadership

Every person is a leader—when being alone. This is the most basic level of leadership, yet not all people mastered it. Surely you know men and women who are unable to decide about the simplest things without a confirmation of other person; people who never really make a move in life until told so by someone they trust and follow. These people will always be puppets in the hands of the others, not realize that while other people may have good intentions with them, they may seek personal benefits only as well. . . . Therefore it is crucial to work on personal leadership. Try to understand your values and goals, who you want to be and where you want to get in life. Without it, it would be difficult to make decisions.

Second level

Second level of leadership consists in guiding someone towards certain place or goal. It is applied with our children, friends, colleagues and subordinates. It is enough for me to watch two people for five minute and I know who the leader is. Who walks in the front? Who is the one that defines the direction and determines the topics of the talk?

If you want to learn to lead the others, you must firstly believe in yourself. People are attracted to self-confident leaders that get the attention and have charisma. Understanding the needs of the others and being able to win their hearts by choosing the right words in right time in another requirement. Lastly but not last, you need to go by example if you want to attract anyone to follow what you say and do.

The highest level of leadership

Some people can do actually more than leading the others. They are able to teach people how to become leaders, doesn’t matter if we talk about first, or second level of leadership. It is crucial to have these people in the organization. Asking correct leadership interview questions, you can determine whether a person has this capacity or not.

We must realize one thing: Follower will always be dependent on his leader, unless he is taught how to lead his own life, his work, or anything else.

Once we teach him the basics of decision-making process, give him some confidence and trust to make basic moves on his own, we will get rid of the necessity of leading his every single step. We will have free hands for guiding other employees, or focusing on more important tasks.

Work on your leadership—it is one of the keystones of success and peace in life.

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