Jennifer Aniston’s Brand New Aveeno Ad!

March 16, 2013 6:00 pm

Jennifer Aniston is a household name, her hair and her face is instantly recognizable. Throughout her career Jen has done many endorsements, with the latest one being her first ever advert – Aveeno. Aveeno has got the crème de la crème with Jennifer on their side. The star is constantly seen with perfect skin with many envious fans after the same thing.

In January 2013 Jen was announced as the new face of Aveeno products, with us expecting to see adverts later on this year, but it seems we got it earlier than expected!. Jen’s new advert was released last month (Feb. 24), and is certain to launch much interest into the products. Aveeno is a brand that is not expensive, its affordable, and available in many drugstores right around the corner!

Aveeno logo

An example of a successful endorsement of Jens is her one for Smartwater. According to People Magazine, after Jennifer’s first advert was released it tripled interest in the product within 24 hours! Jen’s advert for Smartwater was released on YouTube, and to date has generated almost 4 million views! The ad became successful mainly because of Jennifer’s humour within the ad, she posed with a pregnancy belly, showing herself with awful hair contrasting to the view of perfect wigs in the background.

smartwater ad

Aveeno is available at many places, to find out if its available near you all you have to do is click here!

To see Jen’s Aveeno Ad click here!
To see Jen’s Smartwater Ad click here!

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