iZettle Gives Start Up Companies Chance Of A Lifetime

November 19, 2014 3:42 pm

iZettle are known best for providing companies, small and large, with the ability to take payments through their smartphones or tablets. They make it so that a credit card payment can be taken anywhere at any time simply by using the iZettle app on the vendor’s smartphone.

In a hugely successful stunt that aimed to help six small business start ups achieve their sales dreams, iZettle opened a store on Oxford Street, the heart of the London shopping scene, and gave each business a full 12 hour day to do what they could.

Retail shop Iam Vibes’ founder, Tom Hardless, whose company made recording breaking sales in his 12 hour slot on Oxford Street said that “Taking part in iZettle’s 12 Hour Store was a dream come true and I will never forget the 12 hours of magic and fun I had. The 12 Hour Store didn’t just give me a physical space to trade from, it gave me a huge morale boost.” 

The aim of iZettle was to remind entrepreneurs and smaller businesses that even the huge global brands of today were once small and that anyone has the potential to make it big. They hoped to showcase their support for these smaller businesses by showing how their business model of taking easy payments via smartphones and tablets can work and make life easier even on the biggest retail street in the UK.

iZettle start up 6 businesses

Mobile payments are fast becoming the norm with companies following in suit on a daily basis. Famous social picture sending app Snapchat just introduce “Snapcash” which allows users to send payments to each other over their smartphones. It’ll be no surprise then if we start to see more and more companies taking on iZettle’s software as users look to pay in store via their smartphones rather than with cash or card. For now though, let’s just hope that iZettle’s 6 start up companies excel from their Oxford Street boost and make it to the big time!

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