Introducing Hudson Taylor

April 23, 2014 12:01 pm

With their angelic harmonies and unpretentious quirks, Hudson Taylor are a superb duo who are heading for a big 2014. The two brothers from Ireland, (only 20 and 21) had a great 2013, and with their first headline tour being such a success, they are bound to have a sensational second tour.

Having been to see them live in Nottingham, it is clear to see why they have had a surge in popularity. Their show effortlessly fluctuates between foot stomping rhythms to dulcet melodies, stripped back to just acoustic guitars. They even provoked a chorus of ‘awws’ before they performed a gentler song, a simple “me and my brother are going to sing alone for this one, me and my little bro”- I think the Irish accent aided this sentiment immensely, but nonetheless, a warm gesture.

hudson taylorThe tidal wave of folk music is well and truly crashing against the shores of the UK popular music scene, thanks to the likes of Mumford and Sons. And yes, I dropped the ‘M&S’ bomb. Some may claim that we are moving away from the days of ‘stories round the fire’ folk music, and as a result, Hudson Taylor aren’t authentic folk artists. But who cares? Denouncing bands because they don’t fit into the confined pigeon-hole of ‘real folk’, inhibits the progression of the genre.

Undeniably, it would be refreshing to see musicians who haven’t paraded the stage of X Factor, or music without a reverberant bass line to hit the big time. But at the same time I do quite enjoy the intimacy of seeing the likes of these two in smaller venues. Whether you’re riding the folk wave or not, feast your ears on this candid pair of Dubliners; Hudson Taylor.

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