Ideas for Celebrating a Golden Wedding Anniversary

August 8, 2018 12:04 pm

Have you got a 50th wedding anniversary coming up and are wondering how to mark the day? Such a special occasion deserves a one-of-a-kind celebration. A golden wedding anniversary only comes around once, and nowadays, not many couples reach such a milestone in their marriage. If you’re lucky enough to be one half of such an amazing couple, the traditional way to celebrate is with a gift of gold. However, there is an amazing number of other ways you can mark such a landmark event. Whether it’s your parents who are celebrating, or you’re planning a celebration because it’s your own wedding anniversary, here are a few ideas you might want to try.

A Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

Traditionally, this would be organized by the anniversary couple’s family or friends. What better reason for organizing a gettogether? If you want to arrange and organize a party for your own anniversary, why not combine it with the renewal of your marriage vows? How elaborate you make the party depends on your budget. SunLife’s dream shopping basket can help you ultimately decide, but this is just one of the ways you could spend money released from your home.

Plan a Trip

When was the last time you truly enjoyed an exotic holiday? If your health allows it, then a golden anniversary trip could be just the ticket. You might decide you just want a weekend away to a city you’ve never visited. Alternatively, you might feel such a special celebration deserves a month’s holiday somewhere romantic! Whatever you decide, it’s sure to provide you with many happy memories.

Choosing the Perfect Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift

It’s already been mentioned that the traditional gift is gold, but don’t feel the need to follow the crowd as there is a myriad of memorable gifts you can give your loved one. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all, and maybe it’s about time you gave your beloved another diamond ring. Reaching your golden wedding anniversary is cause for a big celebration. If you’re in the position where you can afford it, why not splash the boat out on this occasion?

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

With 50 years of memories stretching behind you, is there a particular one you’d love to revisit? Perhaps, you could go back to where you exchanged your vows and renew them all over again. Are there any parks or beauty spots that hold special memories? Is the cinema where you sat in the back row and shared your first kiss still showing movies? If you want to organize this kind of event for the anniversary couple, you may need to ask around for some suggestions. There are bound to be plenty of people willing to share their stories.

These are just a selection of the memorable ways such an important anniversary can be celebrated. Feel free to choose one of them or simply use them for inspiration. On the other hand, why not come up with an idea yourself? You know each other very well, especially after five decades, and will be able to choose something you can both enjoy.

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