HP Ups The Anti With All-Flash 3PAR StoreServ Storage Capabilities

January 28, 2015 11:47 am

HP have emerged as a new potential leader for the storage industry with its new all-flash 3PAR storage designed to accommodate businesses and individuals alike in taking care of all their storage needs. With claims that it can run SAP HANA 60% more effectively than rivals and at a fraction of the price, this is a huge development which will likely see HP take the top spot from EMC as the world’s leading storage supplier.

hp storageFor those who are already HP storage customers, the new development will practically be a give-away allowing a serious upgrade for businesses who need and expect fast serving storage. The all-flash component of the software ensures that speeds are more reliable especially for companies hosting apps and other real-time technology that can demand large processing loads. The reduced cost of the service in comparison to competitors will surely be a big factor in determining customers’ choices on whose service to use.

HP have released there new storage at a critical time in the industry. As more and more businesses and individuals need storage to survive, the industry is continuing to boom with demand out-stretching supply. There can be no doubt that, just like with mobile phones, there is more than enough room at the top end of the market for a couple of big players to fight over the swathes of potential customers. Whilst EMC has dominated the market in recent years, it’s looking like it might be time for HP to have their moment in the sun and it will no doubt be interesting to see how EMC respond to this.

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