How Women Justify Buying Expensive Clothes

January 31, 2013 12:00 pm

‘It’s an investment.’ – We try to convince ourselves that our new piece of clothing will last us forever, as if it made from chain-mail rather than cotton.

‘But it works out cheaper than buying cheap ones every couple of months.’ – Depends how cheap is cheap!? And usually, don’t you want to buy the cheap clothes in a couple of months time anyway?
weight loss
‘It will motivate me to lose weight.’ – Probably the worst thing a girl can try to convince herself with. By the end of it you end up feeling guilty that you bought the expensive item and that you didn’t lose the weight like you promised yourself. Naughty!

‘I will buy this but not spend on…’ – Girls, we are terrible – we’d rather starve or miss a month’s rent than go without that cute little bag!

‘I didn’t buy this… so it means I can spend on this’ – Ah yes, you didn’t treat yourself to that coffee, so of course you should get the cashmere jumper.

‘I might be getting some money soon so it doesn’t matter!’ – An accountant’s no-no. We should never budget for an ‘income’ that may never come in.
out of fashion
‘It will never go out of style.’ – As much as we’d like to think the fur hat or the disco pants will be a fashion statement for years to come, sadly it is not the truth.

‘Oh but it’s so comfortable. – They are so comfortable, so I can wear them all the time – I can wear them for bed – I can wear them for the gym – I can wear them for gardening.’ Sound familiar? Maybe not, but we do love the comfort-factor in a new purchase of clothing, but who’s to blame us – nobody finds that red ring around the stomach attractive!

‘I can wear it to various events.’ – We try to convince ourselves that the expensive jeans will be suitable for funerals, business meetings, weddings, christenings, Christmas parties, balls, festivals, work, and other implausible places to take your jeans for a walk.
clothes wardrobe
‘I will always love it’ – We seem to think that we will be hugging items in our grave and that our style won’t ever change. Two weeks later you go from biker chick chic to floral goddess.

‘I will always take care of it’ – We promise to only take it to the dry cleaners, hang it up and keep it safe like a newborn baby. But when it meets the other inhabitants of your wardrobe – it becomes part of the gang.

But secretly we are always thinking – ‘My bottom looks great, people will be jealous and they go with my favourite top.’ Let’s be honest ladies!

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