How To Up Your Recycling Game

July 1, 2019 5:40 pm

Image by Shirley Hirst from Pixabay 

Recycling is often just referred to as paper, card, plastic, and tins and putting things in the right bins. While this is an essential part of recycling it is it is also just a tiny part, and there are in fact loads of other ways and loads of other things you can recycle.  

Did you know that batteries of all types can be recycled? There are several shops which will accept your old, duff batteries and will limit the number of dumped batteries which contain several heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Recycling batteries also means that the materials used can then be recycled quicker to create more batteries. 

While it’s nice to have a house full of books, it can also add unnecessary clutter to your home. If you’re not reading them or you have already read them, then someone else could be enjoying them. While there will be some books with sentimental value and others you can’t bear to part with, the rest you could donate to second-hand bookshops, to charity shops or the local library or shelter. 

It might be no good to you now, but an old car can not only be recycled, but you might be able to get some money for it. Before you get rid, ask, what is my scrap car worth? Can it be crushed and then sold as scrap metal? Before it goes through, you must remember to clean it out thoroughly and check for any loose change or jewellery you may find in the glovebox or under the seats. 

As people upgrade their phones regularly, it means that there are tonnes of phones and other devices getting thrown away each year. If you have a spare phone then have a look at companies who buy old phones, some will buy them for parts and others will have all the information wiped and then sold on. Alternatively, if you’re not bothered about selling your old phone, you could recycle it by donating it to Hope Line.

The same goes for computers and other electronics as people are always looking for upgrades, there is a lot of tech going to waste. While most recycling centres will have a specific area for old televisions, computers, and fridges, there are different ways to get rid of your old tech. Take a look at Best Buy or Cex as these shops might buy your tech off you depending on the condition they will give you some money for them. Alternatively, you could donate to Computers For Schools or the National Center for Electronics Recycling. Just make sure 

you wipe the hard drive to make sure there is no personal or identifying information left on the computer.

Both inkjet and laser printer cartridges also come with recycling instructions in the package. Just remember that before you recycle, to put the cartridge back into its original casing. If not, put it in a plastic bag.

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