How to Reinvent Yourself in 7 Easy Steps

March 4, 2019 2:54 pm

We go through phases in our lives. Some of these phases are good for us; others can be catastrophic. Take the so-called “mid-life crisis.” This can occur to people at any age and from any background. It happens when you feel like your life is heading towards a path you don’t like. It is spurred by the feeling that you are running out of time and have been trapped.

Fact is, you probably have been in one way or another. This doesn’t mean you should quit your job or that you should buy a car you can’t afford or any of the other cliché coping mechanisms. Instead, use it to drive you to better yourself and reinvent who you are. It is normal to feel like you have run into a stalemate when you follow the same routine over and over. Shake it up the healthy way by following these seven steps:

Clear Out the Clutter

Clutter takes its toll on our mental health, which is why going through all of your belongings and clearing out what you don’t love or use often is a great way to start any reinvention process. From old mementos you don’t look at, to old clothes, to even old files that were clogging up your computer’s disk space – get rid of it all and see how freeing it can be.

Start With Your Personal Sense of Style

Once all the clutter is gone, you can then start to work on bringing in items that will help you be the person you desire. A great place to start is with your sense of style. How you feel about how you look is imperative to self-esteem, and can even help others treat you better and with more respect.

Get Your Clothes Tailored  

If you have suits that you bought off the rail, it is time to finally do yourself a favour and take them to a tailor. Get them fitted to you and you will look incredible.

Pay Attention to the Details

Details are key to looking smart and getting the reaction you want from others. From your shoes to your briefcase, to even your glasses – never underestimate how important these details are for pulling your look together. Finding the right designer mens glasses for your face shape alone can instantly transform your look and make you look incredible. Aim for style, elegance, timelessness, and above all else, the right fit.

Start Being More Active

Exercise is imperative. If you don’t already exercise on a regular basis, now is the time to start! It doesn’t matter if you are happy with your weight, if you want to feel great and live well as you get older, you need to find fun activities to commit to.

Learn Something New

Learn something new every day. This could be done by taking a course, learning online, or simply spending time on your commute reading. Learning is a great way to feel like you are progressing every day and can help you feel fulfilled.

Spend Time on Passion Projects

Make time for what you love doing, no matter how big or small it is. If you love to go on multi-day hikes, plan one once a year. If you love to restore cars, find a garage where you can store one to work on. Whatever you do, make time at least once a week for your passion.

Growing up and getting old can be difficult, but with these tips, you should be able to reinvent yourself and love your life once again.

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