How to organize your bathroom

August 31, 2016 10:48 am

Organizing your bathroom may not be a topic you usually think about, but it can have a great impact on your life.  Your bathroom gets used everyday and often doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Organizing your bathroom serves two purposes: your bathroom will be aesthetically pleasing, and it will contribute to your safety.

The bathroom is the most common room, next to the kitchen, where accidents occur in homes.  More often than not, bathroom accidents are caused by a lack of organization that creates a dangerous situation.  Learn more here

Get rid of your throw rugs

As far as fashion goes, throw rugs are very old school.  Unless that’s what you’re going for it’s time to ditch them. So, the next time you call in Maid2Match bond cleaning Perth service, instruct them to get your house rid of throw rugs. Get the most affordable service from your carpet cleaners in Hanover.

On the safety side, throw rugs are extremely slippery and hazardous.  All it takes for one misstep to lead to a hip replacement being needed.

Instead of throw rugs look at bathroom mats that absorb water and dry quickly.

Limit the counter accessories

The more things you have on your counter, the more area there is for bacteria to grow.  Make bathroom cleaning easy on yourself and leave an open counter space.

Try and limit your counter to the essentials.  As far as decorative items you can try small lamps, shower speakers or different ornaments.

Focus on storage

Having a good storage system will make every bathroom seem bigger than it is.  Find different ways to add storage to your bathroom.  You can add shelving, use colorful baskets or add baskets to your counters.

Tired of a dull bathroom?  Add splashes of color to your paint job

It’s easy for bathrooms to look dim and dreary a few years after a paint job.  One design that works well in bathrooms is adding random strong splashes of colors in your paint design.

The bathroom is one room that can’t be harmed by trying to add some liveliness to it.  Adding splashes of complimentary colors in your paint design will help your bathroom stay looking fresh for years.

Another design option that works well in bathrooms is using strong patterns on the wall.  Unique wallpapers work will in the bathroom and can even help a small bathroom look bigger.  Match your accessories to your new wallpaper for a stand out effect.

Upgrade your toilet

Upgrading your toilet can have multiple positive effects.  First, most new toilets will allow you to save money on your monthly water bills.  Second, a new toilet can be a subtle addition to your upgraded bathroom.

When looking at new toilets consider buying a uniquely shaped one.  Oval shaped toilets or European style toilets will help your bathroom stand out.

Remember to keep your bathroom design clean and simple.  Stay away from too many additions and try and maximize your space.  Follow these tips and you’ll have a clean and safe bathroom.

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