How To Keep Track Of World Cup Scores In Non-Wifi Areas

May 7, 2014 10:50 am

FIFA_World_CupAs the most prestigious tournament in world football draws ever closer, billions of fans will begin making preparations to celebrate Brazil 2014 in style. Each country will welcome the World Cup in its own traditional way, with towns and cities cladded in the national colours to coincide with the carnival atmosphere and samba dancing that will be prominent throughout Brazil. Although many will be able to afford and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in travelling to the World Cup, others will be left to find ways of keeping track of the latest scores and new stories to see how their team is getting on.

Accessing the Coral app in a wifi zone is the best way to receive live score information and the latest World Cup stories. The app allows users to enter a world of Coral games and gambling markets that can result in making a potential profit during Brazil 2014. There are, however, many areas outside of major cities that do not provide wifi access and therefore prevent smartphone and tablet users from accessing World Cup news websites and other related apps. It will require football fans to find more traditional methods of following the World Cup action without the use of modern day handheld technology.



With an estimated 3.2 billion people across the world tuning in during South Africa 2010, it illustrates the considerable draw of watching the excitement, drama and tension of the World Cup unfold on television. Viewing figures are expected to increase their summer as Brazil 2014 has the potential of being one of the best major tournaments in modern history, with a vast array of the best nations and players in world football set to take centre stage. Televisions are the ideal way of watching every minute of the action from the comfort of your home on your own or accompanied with friends and family members. Alternatively, football fanatics can go to their local pub where televisions are provided to broadcast live sporting events; this can create a wonderful, friendly atmosphere between locals who share the highs and lows of every moment, particularly when their team are playing. BBC and ITV will share broadcasting duties throughout the World Cup, meaning that the everyday license payer can enjoy every game. Satellite television, in particular Sky Sports, will also keep track of every score line and provide football fans with the latest and breaking news stories to keep them informed and ‘in the know’.



Radio broadcasting stations have long provided an accompanying service to television in offering live coverage of football matches. BBC Radio 5 Live and TalkSport radio will provide comprehensive coverage of this summer’s World Cup through live debate, matches and news reports which will allow football fans to remain firmly on the pulse and never miss a moment. Radio commentators are highly experienced and skilled to effectively paint a picture during every football match which allows football fans to feel like they are in Brazil watching the game in the stands.

Purchasing a DAB digital radio will provide additional clarity and quality of sound for those who wish to relax in the comfort of their own home, particularly in the garden during a lovely summer’s day, and immerse themselves in the World Cup action via the beauty of sound. Portable radios further enhance the ability for fans to listen to every score, match and news story whilst on the go wherever they are via headphones.



Despite growing concerns that print media is a dying industry following the emergence of the internet and online news sites, newspapers remain the most traditional method of reading the latest news stories that are relevant and carry a certain news value. Picking up a paper from a newspaper stand, corner shop or garage provides football fanatics with an instant source of news, scores and match reports on the back pages. From The Sun to the Guardian, every newspaper prides itself on high quality journalism that provides the very best reports and talking points; both aspects will be prominent through this summer’s World Cup and will ensure football fans have a printed alternative to online news that cannot be accessed within non-wifi areas.

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