How to find perfect travel insurance in Ireland

October 1, 2019 9:42 pm

Ireland is a hot-spot tourist destination attracting millions from all over the globe. This Emerald Isle is popular for its dramatic landscapes, cultural synergy and stunning nightlife.

Ireland is ranked as one of the world’s safest countries but unexpected incidents can always happen. Therefore, it is a better idea to insure your travel. A travel Insurance comes handy in most cases as the insurer covers the expenses arising from any losses while travelling.

However, you must remember that all travel insurance comes with certain terms, conditions and exclusions. You must compare multiple policies and find out the best travel insurance to protect your dream travel. Although it is a daunting task, we made it easy for you.

We will guide you on how to find a perfect travel insurance in Ireland by comparing the top three insurance company products.

So, let’s get started…

1)  AA travel insurance

The aa travel insurance products offer great flexibility and convenience to customers with many customization options. They offer to all customers travel insurance policy booklet with detailed guidelines about all policy terms, conditions and exclusions. The transparency offered by AA travel insurance across all its products is relatively high. This helped them build a trustworthy customer base.

Coming to the product offering of the AA Ireland, they have a vast and diversified portfolio. From travel to home insurance and from van to life insurance, everything is covered under one umbrella. This gives the customer a wide flexibility to choose multiple products based on their requirements. AA travel insurance products are perfectly designed to give you a worry-free holiday experience.

One of the unique features of the AA travel insurance product is, it includes a minimum of €3,000,000 and maximum €10,000,000 medical cover that is in line with your visa requirement. You also get the insurance documents with details table of benefits and policy inclusions in hand before you travel. This makes it easier for you to get the visa processed hassle-free. In case you have any pre-existing illness, AA Travel Insurance also covers it with an additional premium. This is another unique feature that assures you a worry-free Travel.

Additional coverage includes Annual Multi-Trip or Single Trip or Backpacker Travel, Cancelation, Medical, Baggage and Winter Sports. However, you can customise them according to your requirement to calculate the premium. You can even buy the travel insurance policy according to your budget by making a choice between Value, Essential and Extra. Thus the AA Travel Insurance products offer great flexibility to compare and choose the level of cover based on features essential to you.

2)  Laya travel insurance

Laya travel insurance is also a popular Insurance company in Ireland. Their main product is travel insurance offering customers a wide range of flexible options. Whether you need a single trip, Annual Multi-Trip, Backpacking Trip or Business Trip, Laya travel insurance policies offers a wide range of customized options. You can even choose extras like winter sports cover and customize your cover. However, when you add extras, you need to pay an additional premium for that.

The medical cover available under their policy gives you coverage of up to €5,000,000 in case of any medical emergency. This is also in line with the visa requirement of having a minimum medical coverage of €3,000,000. They also offer great customer support with 24/7 assistance.

3)  Blue Insurance

Blue Insurance is the third company we will be discussing about. They specialize in offering a wide range of Insurance products to customers like Car, home, travel, Gadget, etc. They are an award-winning travel insurance company with a good number of satisfied customers.

The annual travel insurance premium starts from €23.95. You have options to choose between Annual, single and backpacker policy. Other policy features include trip Cancellations, Emergency Medical Expenses, Baggage loss, Holiday Abandonment etc. You can get the policy documents online from their website to get detailed information about all policy terms and conditions.

Which one to choose?

If you compare the general features, all these three travel insurance products offer certain similarity. However, you need to compare the price and detailed product features. AA annual travel insurance premium starts from only €16.99 with a bucket list of benefits. They offer medical coverage up to €10,000,000 and also cover pre-existing illness with an added premium. Thus, you never have to worry about your health or any other uncertain situations while you are travelling. We feel AA travel insurance is a winner for best quality, features and price.

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